What makes us humans? The fact that we are all going to die someday. Death is a concept greatly feared but what if humans weren’t scared of death. What if they looked forward to it or even better celebrated it. Funerals are termed as a mournful ceremony but what if it was celebrated like a wedding. A world where in after death the soul dines with god itself. A person in his last breath loses his mortality with happiness and a smile and the longing to meet god.

Does everyone get that chance or is it just the “good people”? What happens to the sinners then? Is there a place for them too? Or is the concept of dining with god just a lie to rid people from fear of anything. A belief so might make humans hooligans rather than humans. Mortality is what feeds in feelings. The drive to do better in the years you have to get the best out of mortality.

It is a great day to die today, and it will be a great way to die tomorrow. But what should I care? I’m already dead, and have been dead for a long time. Just don’t know how long. Death is something I’ve relished, and looked forward to when I was alive. Strange, I know. As someone who grew up without parents or family, there was no one to teach me about life and death, and which was good or bad. So, when death arrived, I welcomed her with open arms. She stood there waiting for me to be ready, in a cloak of darkness, her scythe ready to tug my soul out of my body and let me be free.

She took me to places I didn’t know existed, and made me see things I couldn’t see bound in a physical entrapment, called the human body. Death wasn’t as bad as they made it seem like in the books and movies and stories. It wasn’t biased, good or bad, it was the feeling of fulfillment, whether you were good or bad. There was no hell or heaven. There was no good place or bad place. There was one place, where everybody who dies comes, and looks down on the people still living, guiding them in small ways. We all become workers, angels, protectors, whatever you want to call it, and looked after our people.

The after-life consisted of all the people living in communities, but undivided. As death, the beautiful angel, brings us into the life, we’re taken for a meal. It might be with our family members that we lost, friends or even Gods. From there, we’re given homes according to our personalities. It is a very efficient system, as everybody has a place. Those with bad deeds do repent for their sins, as did I, by serving God and the people extra ordinarily.It isn't that we leave the loved ones or the loved ones leave us when we die, it's about how death will bring us closer when we eventually see them again.

Death is polite, it is happy. It does not bring you sorrow or sadness. It leads you away from it. Death is personified, and made evil, but why so, if it only liberates us and opens us up to new possibilities, and new places. It might bring sorrow to the people around us, but does it matter, when in the end everybody dies? We don’t know the end, and you’ll not believe me now, but death isn’t about mourning.