- A commentary

How naive of me to be giving my opinions on something I haven’t experienced, or have I?

We all die, some only once in a lifetime while others die on a daily basis. The definition of death is something that I always had a problem with, it makes it seem like it’s the opposite of life, which it clearly isn’t.

 To quote a friend of mine; “Death is the tail end of life,  a closing chapter,  a part of it.”  This is what I agree with, death is the continuation of life just in a different state just like ice continues into water after it’s death and water as it continues to live in the state of vapor as it is boiled to its demise. Humans too continue their existence but in a different state and this state by some was confused to be a terminal point.

Death in its essence is a very metaphysical concept to fathom mostly because no one has come back to tell the tale but those of whom I mentioned earlier who die on a daily basis they usually always get their experiences out to save their sanity.

Now close your eyes (after reading this) and imagine your sight is confined as if you’re looking through a rectangular tunnel with very distinguish-ably blurry boundaries. Due to this confusion you close your eyes now your breath is so slow that your feel you’re not even breathing your hands, feet all go still now stiff as a board, you feel light yet confused your body becomes oblivious to whatever is happening around it, it’s just you and black and the sound of your gradually fading breath. Suddenly you open your eyes.

People go through this, and sometimes they are not able to open their eyes, at least not in this world.

A line from Canterville  Ghost read “in death there is peace” something with which I again, disagree.

Death is a state, just like life it leads to somewhere, people who do not find life interesting because of its morbid and temporary nature have a surprise waiting for them because death too is temporary.

Now this is where I would like to play the super natural card, if you are a woke logic driven person you can skip this part.

Many philosophers since ancient ages have been trying to figure out if there is more to death than just a long black slumber, some were then lead to believe in an after life some rejected such beliefs.

My thoughts concern only and only one thing, given that life in itself has some disciplines , some rules, some boundaries, and if you’re still here I might have convinced you that life and death are not opposites but states of continuation, don’t you think, there are disciplines to death? Don’t you think that just like there are actions and consequences in life there are consequences in the demise land too? To the religious people this might sound very obvious but talking from the perspective of a naive human this sounds plausible. Now coming to the morbid death lovers, people who can’t live a day without longing for their end in life. After reading this, ask yourselves “why?” if you are not satisfied with the idea and the liveliness of life I’m sorry but you’re already dead. I am not saying that dead people are ungrateful, they are just simply, Oblivious.

That separates the idea of life from the idea of death, one is about awareness and the other is about the lack of the first, why do you think people say that ghosts are mostly unaware that they’re dead? Give that thought.

Both these Ideas are equally underrated and should be thought of in a very detailed manner.