As human beings, our memories are one of the most important aspects of our life. Be it happy or sad, most of them stay with us till the end of our life. One of my earliest happy memory is of playing with my dog before his death. At that time I was around three years old, I guess. The thing about memories is that we humans are extremely greedy to only have good memories. Which is not bad at all, it is the most normal thing to do.

The Good And The Bad

While obsessing over the good memories, we hate the bad or the sad ones. Now, here comes the actual deal, without memories and experience, you can never be the person that you desired to be. This includes the bad memories as well because those taught us the things, that we need to learn to survive in this world.

Believe it or not each and every one of us have our fair share of bad memories and experience. Another thing that is similar between all human beings.

Accept And Learn

Memories shape us, be it happy or sad. So instead of hating them try to co-exist with them. It is a part of your life because you can’t erase them, they are going to stay with you till your last breath. Most of us share only our good memories with others, just like I did with you all in the first stanza. I avoided talking about the bad ones and I am sure most people would do the same.

You know it’s quite amazing that humans have the power to remember, through this, we grow in our life. Those memories that we love and hate are reasons we are alive today. Yes, it includes the not-so-good ones as well. The memories you hate are proof that you survived, whatever was thrown at you. So, try to accept them and learn from them, I know it’s hard, but it’s not impossible.