Bus a gayi h yr! Jaldi aa varna chali jayegi. My friends were yelling on me,reason you know. We all catch up the bus and went to the Metro Station with full zeal and enthusiasm regardless of the fact that we had attended 5 lectures and a lab,actually 4 lectures one was a bunk. My phone rang and they all know who's phone it will be. Yes! You guessed it wrong.

I was about to reach home and was on a phone call with my dearest friend. Well she is quite interesting and irritating both. We both were talking and as I was about to cross the road a bike rider came with a lightning speed and was about to hit me but heroically I jumped out of the way. I somehow saved my self. She was on call and obviously got panicked. It was difficult to calm her. But it was pretty clear that she cared for me a lot. Took a deep breath,hang up the call and went home. I narrated this herioc incident to my prettiest mom,thought she might like. But oppsite happened she rather scolded me. It was 'something' very crystal clear to me and that something is above all the words.

I along with my parents went to the doctor for a regular checkup and everything was fine. When I saw my parents,they were also seeming good but I could clearly make out there is something hidden behind the smile. Nevertheless I didn't asked anything. After few days I checked my reports and obviously I can't predict as what was written. So I went to the local dr and showed my reports. After having look over the reports,he raise his eyebrows and said sorry beta! This person has life-threatening disease.

'For a moment I got blanked out and everything came rushing on me as if my past visited me once again in few seconds'. Still I managed to smile and went to home. Hugged my mother and we both were in tears,reason we both knew. My papa was standing behind us and he broke in tears. I somehow gathered myself and held my papa. They didn't questioned me as to how I came to know. They said: 'We all will fight'. I stayed quite with a smile on face.We decided that, we won't tell this to anyone.

What about her? I made up my mind that I won't tell her. Will it be correct? I don't know but can imagine how will she react and I'am sure that it will be last time I will see her smiling,which I can't afford. So it's correct for us.

What about friends? 'bhut marenge yr'!. So won't tell them. We went to dr and the dr was sure that we can cure this. Everything will resumes again.

With this thought dr said: close your eyes son!