I was so happy, completed my graduation, and returned home. It was a train from Bangalore to Chennai. I got into my respective seat and started arranging my bags.

There were just two more people in the compartment. Both were girls, while one of them was busy with her laptop, another one was constantly staring at me. I felt something awkward, I sat opposite her and suddenly she shifted her focus to the phone.


Me: Are you studying?

She: I studied psychology, but now I'm aspiring to be an actor.

Me: oh nice!

She was trembling while scrolling over her phone.

Me: I feel like you have something to talk to me about.

She: No, nothing.

Me: Are you addicted to social media?

She: (Irritated) I don't know why did you ask this question. You are not into social media, right?

Me: Ok, I’m sorry, but how do you know that?

She: You won't believe me, Rahul!

Me: (surprised) How do you know my name?

She: (trembling) I have seen you in my dreams!

Me: (shocked) You are kidding.

She: Dreams reveal everything. Have you heard about the father of Psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud?

Me: Yes, but I have read that you can't dream of a face that you haven't seen in your lifetime.

She: It is because they can't remember. Normally, most people won't be able to remember their dreams, but Freud’s research shows there are significant people like me who can remember most of their dream.

Me: Can you pinch me? I doubt my existence now!

She: Relax, I can understand. Have you seen me in your dreams?

Me: (excitement) I.. Don't remember. What did you see in your dream?

She: You were trying to suicide.

Me: (Shocked) This is interesting, between I’m a physics graduate and I believe in multiverse theory.

Railway official interrupted us, he came in for ticket checking.

I showed my E-ticket and was in search of my ID proof.

She: (smiling) Rahul, you are so careless, I'm observing you from the beginning, you are not aware of your belongings. Here is your ID proof!

Me: (In awe) Ohh that's how you got my name! You are a really good actor!!

She: (smiling) Ok, I'm not disappointing you.

Me: (puzzled)

All of a sudden both of us burst out laughing and the mystery dream journey continued!



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Elizabeth Meghana  •  4y  •  Reply
Should I comment on Rahul or Rois!
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Rahul is the protagonist Elsa 😅