This is the end,
hold your breath and count to ten... “Adele’s voice in the background”
A huge hurricane hit the earth, and by the word “hurricane” I mean two things:
Actually, I mean the real hurricane that happened last March 12 in Egypt. It was the beginning of the end. "why so serious?" I mean the end of our normal life.
Then, the biggest hurricane that hit the whole world, not just Egypt.
The biggest hurricane that changed everything in a day and a night "Coronavirus or Covid-19".
I'm not going deeply scientifically about this disease cause obviously we are already sick of knowing tons of information about it.

It was the moment when our entire lives changed, the moment where people across the world were in panic and everything turned over.
-Italy became no longer beautifully full of tourists, it becomes terrifyingly full of death and screams every night.
-China isn't busy working on increasing their economic growth, instead, they are working on decreasing the numbers of infected cases.
-Wearing trendy, fashion, using charming perfumes in France turned into wearing medical face masks and using alcohol sprays.
-Crowded streets, restaurants, gatherings, and partying in NewYork city became a revolution gathering.
-Airports around the world were closed. Cafes, restaurants, clubs, malls, schools universities...
-All the government imposed was home quarantine, curfews, and lockdown the boundaries between the countries increased. The world is screaming for help.


Is this really the end? Are we going to die? Is the world going to disappear? Lots of questions in our mind, we don't know what this is, or what we are going through. Why are all these people dying! Why can't anyone help them to survive? When can we survive and all of this end
Maybe the danger is real or maybe it isn’t, but the fear is and I saw fear in people's eyes. Terrifying posts were published every day on social media. Scary, bad news daily that is full of negative energy.

"This year was supposed to be great"

It's not the 2020 we all expected it to be. It's not the year of achieving dreams, not the year that we all thought that we'd see flying cars and contemporary technology. The year that many people dream to make it the greatest year in their life, the year of traveling across the world, the year of changing the world! But it is the year of screams, crying, death depression, losing people, losing job opportunities, losing dreams, passion, and hope. It is the year of the apocalypse as many said.

I dreamed to do several things in 2020. It was my first year of no longer being a teenager!! Dreaming about trying new things making a very pretty good New Year's resolution, but not all that we dream about or not all that we expected to happen goes the way we imagined.
I'm sorry if I'm being so disappointed, I used to write about hope, energy, and passion. It's not the type of my writings, but tell me who still has the passion to think or to write positively?

But let me tell you something, is this really the apocalypse year? 
Despite all of we have been through, I don't think so! Do you know how many times people wrongly predicted the apocalypse? It is a huge number of false predictions! Polls conducted in 2012 across 20 countries found over 14% of people believe the world will end in their lifetime, with percentages ranging from 6% of people in France to 22% in the US and Turkey. No one can predict such a thing! it is something that we can't know.. but does it matter when is the end of the world more than when is the end of your journey in this world? Maybe the end of our journey is much sooner than the end of the world!

Are we ready enough to say goodbye to the people that we loved? our family, friends.. are we done yet with all the things that we wanted to try? with all the adventurous, challenges that we wanted to take.. have we acted crazy enough for a while and pretended that we don't care? Have we risked enough to feel how it tastes? Have we loved enough? have we said everything that we wanted to say, are we done living?

No one knows when is the end of the world as well as the end of their life, but can we think for a moment what would we do if today is the last day?
It was a hard question when I asked my friends... you know this feeling when your mind shows your whole life memories in a second. All of it, the good and bad memories. Every moment you wanted to die but you didn't mean it. Every breath you take after a long day you had. Every success you achieve, and every disappointment you taste.
You can't tell what would you do if tomorrow will be your end and today is your last chance, but you can live! You can live today as it is the last day, you can live every day as it is the last chance! Would it be difficult living that way?

Can we stop thinking about the end and instead start thinking about creating a beginning.
New beginning for every new day. I know this year has been and still is dark and miserable for all of us, but we can't just let it affect us more than it already did. We can't stay in the dark forever!
If you can't make a big difference to feel better, at least try to survive. There are all of these moments you think you won't survive and then you survive! But don't leave yourself to the dark to swallow you.

I believe that the end of the world won't be because of a hurricane, an earthquake, a storm, a tornado, aliens invasion, nor coronavirus. The end of the world will be every time you decide to give up to the dark and let yourself drown. 

You can't stop the apocalypse, but you can stop your apocalypse!




Profile of Tarnima Adham
Tarnima Adham  •  3y  •  Reply
Akher sentence asrt fya awe bgd, tuhfa awe mashaallah, I am so proud of you and your success!
Profile of Mohamed Mahmoud
Mohamed Mahmoud  •  3y  •  Reply
A very good start. I liked the article very much. Keep up the good work.
Profile of Salwa Ahmed
Salwa Ahmed  •  3y  •  Reply
Thank you so much, it's my pleasure ❤️
Profile of Ahmed Khaled
Ahmed Khaled  •  3y  •  Reply
“At least try to survive” Beautiful article and well timed, absolutely loved it ❤️
Profile of Salwa Ahmed
Salwa Ahmed  •  3y  •  Reply
Thank you, I'm so glad you loved it 🥰