Why Internship Is The Best Option For Anyone?

Nirmit Shah
Nov 08, 2019   •  407 views

And, I guess that ‘internship’ word might have brought you here.

If this is what you’ve come up here then cheers, you are at the right place.

It’s the time where I’ve sent many applications for an office - internships using the Internshala web application (If you might be known). That is almost 3 months back.

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Internship (Source : CareerAddict)

Yay! Around the 9th of July, I’ve got selected for an office internship to my prioritise available time.

This is where and this is how my internship had started.

Let’s read more to know why it’s the best option.

P.S. - I was ashamed of myself because of one thing at the internship, wait for this in the end.

To those who don’t know what to do

Everyone around you, me and us knows a very well-known proverb.

Do what you love, love what you do.

Now, let me genuinely ask this, “Had we ever tried to know how to know what we actually love?”

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Do you love what you do? (Source : ReadingRockets)

Wait, I’m not a life coach or guru who will get you directions like “this is you should live”, “this is how things work”.

So, even though I'm not knowing that gives me all to say “this is how’.

But after finishing my internship last week, I can share my experience with this aspect.

I hope this might help you.

It is, internship lets you discover your inner-self.

Internships open the door of possibility and opportunity to discover what we love.

You must try out if you haven't figured out what’s work you should be doing.

The very beautiful thing that might happen would be like, you’ll figure where you are not loving it.

Communication like damn

Generally, internships are full-time internships. That is from 9 am to 5 pm.

Here, I’ve got the one of having 11 am to 6 pm.

Guess what?

I can only be available for 1h or max - 2h.

I was selected, but I was knowing that I won’t make it because of my timings.

Maybe, I was about to miss this internship. But I didn’t want to. So, I’ve took up my phone and asked the HR of that company for the same.

The person whom I was talking to was unknown.

I had never met him. And, never been through any condition where I’ve to convince this way.

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Communicate - This is how you get it (Source : TheMuse)

Cheers! It was dealt, all set, I’ve passed.

I had started working as an intern but here as a part-time intern.

The phase where I was about to miss an opportunity, had led me an opportunity of learning the importance of communication.

Thus, before starting that internship, I had won myself in another aspect.

Another Perspective

When you enter the world of internship, you find the reality.

You find the exact scenario about the particular stream that how it works in the market, around the world.

And this experience is way too valuable.

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Internship Matters (Source : Forbes)

Like an entire college semester v/s 3 months internship.


Because it shows reality.

Yes, your mind opens up right after understanding how things work, how business works, how to deal with the client, how to manage client relations and all and all and etc.

Get Ready For Rejection

As earlier I’ve told, an entire college semester v/s 3 months internship.

In college, you are in a comfort zone. Like damn.

Those who are in college right now might be thinking they are getting too much load.

But you know what? Just enter an internship, my mate, it’s all hustle dude.

In the sense of rejection, I mean after working all of your time, in the end, you might get to work on that again.

Yes, mistakes.

Secondly, it’s worth doing because you are in an open environment where there are no hides and secrets.

Now, it's time for a conclusion and the mistake I’m ashamed of.

What’s that #1 mistake I’m ashamed of myself?

It was the time, where I was sick and suffering from really bad health, weaknesses.

I forgot to inform my boss earlier that I can’t join today’s work.

Normally, my office timings were 6pm - 7:30/8:00 pm. And, I’ve told him just before 1 hour (5pm).

Shit! He was terrible.

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He was terrible. (Source : howzit)

He said, “You know what, I had fixed a meeting with a client where your presence was a must.

And now you are informing me that you won’t be available. This is not the way to work in an office.

This is not your college or home, it’s an office.

If you really cannot come, you must inform earlier.”

And what happened next was really bad!

I said depressedly,

I’m not available in the coming Thursday because I’m needed as an Anchor in my college fresher’s party.”

Again, chat gone that serious.

He was really ashamed of me, before him it was me even more.

I’ve understood that you must try to be firm at your commitments and promises.

Yeah, sometimes you cannot make it through but excluding exceptions, you can.

Try genuinely saying No, it literally helps.

Are you planning for an internship?

Let me tell you this -

Go for it, may it be in any field because you’ll learn a lot more other than that field.

But these skills will last long forever. And I mean it.

Thank you for reaching out, Keep Spreading Wisdom!

Special thanks to my sibling who had forced me for this internship.