4 Compelling Reasons You Must Join An Internship

Sunil Kumar
Apr 01, 2020   •  9 views

“The only source of knowledge experiences”  This is true for anyone who is looking forward to kickstarting his or her career. Employers today hire freshers only when their CVs illustrate relevant work history, whether that’s from internships or volunteer work or both. So, there’s no dearth of good reasons to join an internship in Gurgaon (the hub of MNCs) or any other location of your choice as soon as you can.


Let’s take a look at the top 4 reasons you must join an internship:-

1. To Get-First Hand Exposure

Internships help you get acquainted with what it is like to work in the real world. It gives the student an opportunity to utilize the skill and knowledge they learned theoretically in college. After all, at least a major part of so much knowledge that we gain from school to college should translate to the working life. For example, students take cues from multiple case studies and learn to make marketing plans in B-schools. But, what you have made on paper or for exams will work or not in the real-world scenario can only be known once you start applying it to promote a product in the actual market.

2. A Step towards Self-Exploration

When you work hands-on in any field, you get to know both good and bad aspects related to it.  Sometimes, while working as interns, students may realize that the field they have chosen isn’t something they would like to pursue as a life-long career. In that case, they can change the direction of their career well in time by choosing to study something which interests them the next year or at the post-graduate level. By learning about specific industries and companies, students can also figure out what kind of work routine, work culture, and work-life balance, and growth trajectory in terms of salary and designation they look forward to in the long run.

3. Personal Development

Internships, whether online or on-ground, summer internship or any other type, all help you learn various core and soft skills. This not only helps make oneself ready to enter the professional world formally but also come out of one’s comfort zone and learn a thing or two new. Someone who may have been shy to talk to new people may realize that he or she needs to be more open, confident, and clear while speaking to others.  When people interact with the world outside, they want to present the best version of themselves. That is where an internship helps—a newbie learns to identify what he needs to work upon to be the best.

4. Stepping Stone to Financial Independence

Most reputed companies now offer a paid internship. This means students can make some quick bucks while they learn the skills that will help them grow professionally. A great deal, right? Starting to earn early on in life also helps students learn money management and time management (because time is money and money is time). For example, some internships pay on an hourly basis or on the basis of targets achieved. So, students learn to do the maximum amount of quality work within the stipulated time period and earn their rightful part.