More Than Friends And Less Than A Family Relation Sounds Like?

Nirmit Shah
Dec 04, 2019   •  304 views

Is that headline attracted you to come this far?

Yes? Because today, you are going to read a wonderful piece.

This is very close to my heart. I guess you had never ever had imagined.

So, let’s get headed towards North. Yah! To the point I mean - More than friends and less than a family.

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More than friends and less than a family

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Have you ever joined a club?

A club not just having a lot of memberships.

But to allow yourself, losing yourself in an activity regularly.

Same as playing guitar joining a community or a club. Or it might be a sport that you had played joining such regularly. Like practicing 4-5 days a week or more than that.

Actually, I’ve been playing badminton sport for more than 1 & a half years.

Waking up in the morning, I get ready for my favorite sport - badminton. And when the clock ticks 6:20 am, I’ve almost reached the sports complex.

Because I’ve enrolled from 6:30 am to 7:45 am slot of the morning.

Let me share such profound experience that is 

More Than Friends And Less Than A Family Relation.

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What’s this unique relation? (Image Source : SportAlberta)

They are more than friends!

If I suppose they are more than friends, then they are already friends.

This is how they are.


Meeting energetically

We are about 8-10 people in the morning's first slot. 

The moment we see, at a glance, we cheer each one of us like 

“Good Morning, will rock today’s session as hell.”

This is the same type of feeling with friends. That we interact with “High Fives” or at least furnishing a generous smile.

Interaction without past conclusions.

Joining an academy of a particular skill, hobby or let's take an activity, pushes us to manage time.

In most of the cases, we have to make time for that.

And this is how we all met in that place. The place where we all get together and play for 1 & a half hours.

Some of us are running a business, some do the job, some have freelance work, etc.

The reason why spending these many hours in playing badminton seems just as it took seconds to pass.

This much amount we get totally involved and are always curious about. Always.

Mostly, there’s a childhood vibe moving around. Because it's the same as a kid playing at the park.

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Friendship is like a kid (Image Source : FirstCryParenting)

He comes to the park joyfully, plays joyfully and returns back joyfully.

And already, it’s the best example of friendship that is to be a kid, more often to stay a kid.

Moreover, no one knows anyone’s past life. So whoever we are right now (that should matter), matters here.

We’ve already accepted all of us as who we are. Our friends treat us the same, isn’t it?


Okay then! They are friends, somewhat real or good.

But how are they more than that?

It’s because we don’t meet our friends, school friends, college friends or any apartment friend every day. Or let’s say regularly.

Apart from a few exceptions, there’s no possibility to meet your friends daily, isn’t it?

Well, over here we all meet almost 6 days a week. Sometimes few people do remain absent due to genuine reasons.

But, mostly we all play together regularly. Just like friends. And as we do it regularly, we are more than that.

Again, meeting every time doesn’t mean it's a forever thing. Mostly people do spend 3-4 months and leave the sport. Yeah, I know it because I’ve not left it yet (never thought even).

New people come and go, but this connection never gets faded. Though they’ve joined for temporary period, it’s always like a damn regular thing.

This connection is exactly similar to meet a passenger while traveling by a bus. Where only few routes are common in us. And we belong to that common route.

They are less than family

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Relation less than a family (Image Source : ccharitiescc)

You don't choose family

It’s the same thing here. Not everyone joins it. Only those who are interested in it does.

And this is why the people you meet there are like family. You’ve to play with them, you have to understand them.

Because this is the only option to spend 1 & half hour all along. Well, it’s not in a negative parameter. But it’s the best thing to experience with.

It’s likely to say you need an opponent for most of the sports.

Sport or an activity exposes you, the real you!

Matter of fact, whenever we align our mind with the body in motion, we tend to hesitate. Along with that, we move out of our comfort zone.

When I started playing badminton for the first time, I was not playing yet was dancing like a belly dancer. Just imagine how would I look like dancing with a racquet.

Moreover with a tensed face, like seriously! Haha. Lol.

Yeah! It’s lame but true, sport (or any activity) defines the real you.
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Sport defines the real you (Image Source : Playo)


As we can understand that whenever we try to play a sport we’ve never played, there will always be a certain kind of emotion flow.

Some may laugh, some smile, some do get angry, some people get hesitated, some lose their motive, some people get depressed, some get sad, etc.

But after all, every one of us knows it understanding mutually. Because it’s one and the same thing in the end.

That is family.

We play respecting the opponent. If there’s no opponent, there’s no game.

So, we can also consider this segment comparing it with a sport.

Apart from winning or losing, focusing on gameplay improves the game of both the opponents.

In family, if there’s a problem or an argument, then one of the members surely gets defeated at some point. But after all, it improvises the understanding of both, in fact, those we call both is One. Because We Are One.


How can it be less than a family relationship?

Already, I’ve told you about the temporary period.

We spend equal time playing together more than friends as we meet regularly. But we are almost family yet less than that because we are not going to play forever together.

I’m so grateful to have this connection. Moreover loved to discover this relation writing upon it.

I must say to you if you’ve read it this far.

Try having any activity out! Make sure it’s of a month at least. It’s the best part of multitasking I guess.

Have you ever been played or been through any activity regularly?

I’m curious, share it with me mate.

Next writeup!

I play badminton daily. And there, my friends are so young.

They come under 30-70 age. 

And our next wrytup would be -

How connecting with people of all age groups changes everything?

Till then, Stay Tuned!

Thank You For Reaching Out Here, Keep Spreading Wisdom!