Some neighbors are creepy, some are not. Some are annoying. On the other side, some are so similar to our family.

I’m glad that I’m in the 3rd case. Yes, the neighbor living next to my home is more likely a family.

But, now let me say they were living next to us.

No, it’s not what you are thinking. We have the same friendly relation.

Then, what’s the matter, right?

Read on to find out.

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Neighbours (Image Source : Theindependent)

Are you familiar with naughty kids? Luckily, my neighbor’s kid is not like that. Hell yeah :)

He’s 4 years old, adorable, funny, friendly, stupid, but not that much messy notorious.

It’s fun playing with him.

So, today I’m writing relating to him. You would surely think that this write-up might be directed at kids, eh?

Wait, something is interesting here. And absolutely, it’s on nostalgia.

Whenever my neighbor goes to their town, they almost spend their holidays of around 15 days or 1 month to the maximum.

And, being a neighbor, we were used to such things.

Last week, they moved to their new home. And this time it won’t be 1 month or 2, but forever.

It feels the change when they’re not at home, but we haven’t been through to live like that forever.

There’s no sadness or regret, but a different sense of feeling. This is what urged me to write upon them.

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Neighbor kid (Image Source : Aha!blog)

It was Sunday where they’ve left this place. 

Before leaving, on the same morning, that kid woke me up and shouted, 

“Brother, I’m moving to a new home.”

And we were playing, talking, running. The truck was ready with their home appliances, luggage, some heavy things, etc.

Well, it was time to move. I saw the love in that kid. He didn’t cry at that time, but I truly felt he was in nostalgia.

He was totally blank about what would happen next. And, so was I!

This has reminded me of my own phase.

Let’s get headed to nostalgia from this nostalgia.

From Nostalgia To Another Nostalgia

This is so similar to the time when we moved to this apartment (currently living).

True! We moved to this apartment 3 years back. At that time they had already lived 2 years there and we were new. That kid was almost 2 years old.

When I was in Class 11, (in November), we were about to leave that old place.

My grandparents were there (still living there) and were filling the loads in the truck. I was told to sit inside the truck.

After some time, the truck driver ignited the engine. My grandparents said goodbye. 

“Wait, what is happening?” my mind went blank.

From the old place to the new place, it’s about a 2-3 km route, and I lost myself.

I was a kid (even now).

I questioned, “Am I going to miss that place?”

I don’t know back then what was happening, but right now I perhaps can say this.

Age 14-15 is puberty. We suffer a lot with different issues with the cause of hormone changes.

And including this, when we met with such emotional change. Then I think it’s nothing alike than a heartbreak.

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Change (Image Source : Buzz Caribbean)

When I Cried!

My next 2-3 months passed literally in nostalgia. To be honest, I was crying because I was missing my old home a lot.

After every day or two, I was riding my bicycle to that place. I don’t know why I was crying.

Somewhere I was doubting myself and forcing myself not to do it.

And I’m sure that all of us have been through such situations where we had cried or wanted to.

Changing the place was not my crying reason, change was.

I can feel the same as my neighbor and their kid.

I hope they’re well with the new place and wish all the best for every next.

Here let me end this with a conclusion with what I’ve discovered.

It’s nostalgia for a change that makes a human cry. And that not only goes to a particular gender type. But to all of us.

Men do cry like others. He’s a human.

“Real men don’t cry and they’re always strong.” This is not absolutely true.

Situations, circumstances make every human cry.

This is an abnormal thing for most of us here to understand that crying is so normal.

Thank You For Reaching Out, Keep Spreading Wisdom!






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