The Most Wonderful Part Of Not Taking Language Too Seriously!

Nirmit Shah
Jan 08, 2020   •  219 views

Hello! It’s great to know that you are comfortable with me right now, with just “Hello”.

You might be thinking, what the crap he is talking about, isn’t it?

Well, I’m glad we are relating each-other with this language.

We all can relate to this because of the platform. That is language.

And, the irony is I’m going to discuss the wonderful part of not taking it seriously.

Let’s get curious for further.

Disclaimer: This is the conversation between the people having at least one language in common. Please don’t point out flaws in people having no language in common. Thank You.

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Do you love to play mobile games?

If yes, then high fives to you my mate, as I was also loving that in the past.

Wait, I haven’t introduced myself to that game story, right? Ok, then look.

There’s a game known as “Clash Of Clans” (a.k.a CoC). When I was 14-15 years old, I was fond of playing it almost 4-5 hours a day.

In this game, there's a group called clan where people around the entire world get connected with you.

And as it’s an international base, interacting using an international language is more convenient.

So, I started chatting, texting people using the English language to play the game comfortably. To play the game to achieve higher beautiful levels. And many more.

Now, the worst part I was not aware of was communicating with people using the English language everywhere. Literally everywhere.

Yes in chats! Totally at Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, blah!

No matter who the person is, if they texted me in Hindi, Gujarati or English, my reply to each and every text was in English only. That much ego I was holding upon.

Yes, damn me, stupid indeed.

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Worst Me (Image Source :

I was not aware that this is not a game but a social network, where even in chatting with other languages works the same conversation out of it. And even better every time.

Because majorly we all texts with our friends, relatives, and people we know them personally. So, we all know each other’s native or regional or national language.

Yes, I was taking the language seriously. But I’m glad that I’ve stopped that dumb thing for so many months.

What happens when we take language too seriously?

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Taking Language Too Seriously (Image Source : StanfordNews)


It’d sound arrogant and way too mean while interacting with anyone. May it be online or may it be offline.

Because before understanding any talks, the person next to us will lose interest if the language is not common.

So, even if our talks direct great thoughts, no-one would love to listen. Even if they listen, they’ll take it too lightly.


Both of us would often have misunderstandings. And quarrels may occur in misleading or misjudging the matter.


We might miss the possibility to reach out good & right people whom we thought were linguistically different.

What happens when we don’t take language seriously?

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Taking It Normally (Image Source : Freepik)

Interest (Heart to Heart Connection)

When we communicate with anyone including their gestures such as (high fives, saying some words like “Yay” if they repeatedly do)

Also knowing the common language, it’s the great possibility to connect them easily, more importantly beautifully.

It not only saves their time but yours as well.

And, there’s where the next aspect is understanding & knowing.

Understanding & Knowing The Person Easily

This saves time, like damn. Less misunderstanding and more heart to heart connection.

It helps both of us to understand what we both really wanted. May it be in the professional world or personal.

Friendly Atmosphere

It directs the exact meaning of the importance of what language is about.

And that is to communicate.

Guess what? We all know - To Commune means To Share.

But that doesn’t mean to

Ignore your mother language or any other language.

I really believe that one must know and use their mother language properly. At Least in the offline & personal world. Again, that doesn’t mean to just use it and blame who doesn’t know it.

The most wonderful part of not taking language seriously is to find a common language with whom we are talking. And at the same time knowing that it varies from person to person. Where in the end, realising it is the only part of sharing your experience.

Perhaps, let me conclude this writeup in next.

I Suppose The Importance Of Language Is:

There is no specific language that is the best amongst all.

The real use is just to communicate easily.

Again, that doesn't mean to neglect any international, national and regional one.

We often miss the possibility to reach out good & right people whom we thought were linguistically different.

We compare it with them. We compare with those who are humans just like us living in the same world.

How shameful this situation is!

Thank You For Reaching Out Here, Keep Spreading Wisdom!

What if when you learn a new language preparing for 2 years And you were told to communicate with a 6 months kid?!



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