Don't They Deserve Atleast A Kind Smile?

Nirmit Shah (Learning4it)
Aug 29, 2019   •  289 views

We are living in a place where most of the people are to be judged or treated based upon their economic conditions.There is indeed poverty. Also, only you and I cannot change this scenario drastically by today or tomorrow.

But at least we don’t disrespect them and instead show them little kindness with a genuine smile.

Let me share with you my experience as well as feelings about the same.

Who do you call poor? Source: medium

Last month, there was a family gathering which was too far from our home. So, we had planned to leave our home around 5 am early morning. When we were about to reach our exit gate of the apartment, I saw something different.

What I saw were a watchman and some security guards! They were preparing themselves for duty including that entry-exit gate. Some full-time sweepers of my apartment to whom I regularly say “Hi and Hello”, were arriving via public transport and their own bicycle.

Our event was finished around 2 or 3 pm and was headed back to our home. We’ve finally reached our home at 6:15, an evening time. Again I’ve seen something related to this context. It was the time where those sweepers were about to leave our apartments finishing their work.

Many times, I’ve seen them working at noon-time of sweeping basements, parking, staircases, maintaining the entire apartment.Usually, I was knowing that those sweepers are working mostly the whole day but not knowing this long.

Street Sweeper (Source: dpreview)

It’s the case of last Sunday, I was cycling in the morning.

I’ve seen a person who is living in another block of my apartment was literally abusing a sweeper pointing out his work very badly.

And that situation occurred because he missed cleaning parking area of that block.

Yes, I can understand that sometimes things happen mistakenly but they should not be treated this badly.

People right now are too busy with their mobile phones and social media that they are forgetting the person who is actually helping them knowingly or unknowingly.

Well, an incident has urged me to write upon this.

A little kid was coming back to his home via his school-van. He suddenly shouted “Kanta Mausi, Kanta Mausi”. I was surprised and saw that the boy was trying to draw the attention of a sweeper with a keen curiosity.

I asked Kanta Mausi about how that kid is knowing her this closely. She replied that she’s working as a one-time meal cook in his home.

And, at that moment I was having no words to say.

I literally got reminded by that kid for a chat with not only selected people but with everyone leaving our ego aside.

We all are working from day-in and day-out. As we don’t like to know our weakness and flaw from another person, poor people do feel the same.

Yes, it’s true to know and tell genuine weaknesses, kindly. But, it doesn’t mean to only describe this to them, it can also their strengths or at least not only weaknesses.

Don’t try to suppress the economically poor people.

Economically Poor People (Source:

Don’t let your anger flow towards them just because you are well-educated.

Economically we can say that someone is poor or not but in the end there is no poor or rich.

Just don’t act, chat, talk with them this way.

It’s like talking with your best friend, the parent or a family-based upon money.

They have a different lifestyle. There are traditionally not modern. They seem to be living in different eras. They have a different mindset.

So, this is not the existence of a human being? Isn't it?

Why do we only look upon one targeted region or lifestyle?

The food you eat is coming from farmers (wow such a cliche thing, isn’t it?)

Those fruits from fruits-seller.Buying grocery items from the grocery store.

Everything is damn available if we talk about today’s world.

On fingertips over the smartphone, you can buy the product as well as service including every category.

Irrespective to cash on delivery and online payment, a person is surely coming next to your door picking up your valuable parcel which we are calling them “Service Delivery Man”

I just want a plea from you if you’ve read till this honestly.

Plea (Source:

“Don’t they deserve at least a kind smile?”

They are working really tough from morning till evening where some of our work is sorting through them easily.

I'm sure they’ll respond way too different when you pass a smile.

May it be a sweeper, security, a guard, a grocery man, a fruit seller, just pass a genuine smile to them.

They will feel weird at an instance but will be better just after observing this.

Their reaction will melt your heart and day by day you’ll realize the value of your own smile.

Do not underestimate yourself, your smile can change an entire universe which includes you also.

Gradually, you’ll have a habit of smiling genuinely to not only so-called poor people but also so-called rich people.

In fact, you’ll be smiling kindly to each person you meet without any strong superstitious belief.

Smile is a really a beautiful topic to discuss, do you want me to share some experiences for this too? (Surely Comment for this)

Finally, I’m ending this by a quote I’ve read on the wall of a Clinic.

Leave your ego along with your shoes.