1)      Confusion is a part of your life-: No matter the crossroad you are standing on, you are always going to have some options in front of you inducing a massive amount of confusion but don’t let it take you out. Sometimes the choice is related to what you want to study and pursue, other times you have to choose between yourself and others. Do not overthink your choices, go with what feels right in your heart, and does not prick your conscience. Don’t let it overwhelm you. Embrace your confusion because it is going to remain with you in eternity.

2)      You lose people-: No one stays in your life forever. Everybody leaves as they all are living life in their own timeline. Your best friend who is also your confidant may shift to another city, some of your near ones pass away and for both these situations one is entitled to grieve but eventually, you must let time heal your wounds and pull yourself together and resume your timeline.

3)      Don’t let social media turn you into a materialist-: The internet is really vast you can find almost anything you want on it and know people by breaking geographical bounds. You should strive at being successful but shouldn’t let people on social media showing off their assets turn you into a materialist. Some make their empire, and some inherit it. Owning Porsches and Jimmy Choos shouldn’t be your goal. Please be driven by a higher goal in life…

4)      You are beautiful in your own way-: Beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder. It is very subjective. Aim and really aim at being a good human being, try being positive and helpful. Strive at being an overall package, be smart, dress sharp, talk well. Work on your personality and not your looks because looks do wither but your personality really keeps you going.


5)      You are your own HERO-: Everyone has their own burdens and baggage. Others will sure listen to you when you are in distress and give you a boost but if you don’t intend to make efforts you will forever dwell in your misery. Once you start taking baby steps towards combating the bad things it does get difficult and you may have momentary lapses but look back at your progress and be your own cheerleader.

6)      Strive for your best version-: Try to improve yourself every day, it goes a long way. Read the news every day, try learning something new besides academics, pursue your interest in your leisure, workout, work on your language, and speaking skills. Don’t let the paucity of time and your own silly reasons stop you from being the best version of yourself. Every younger version of yourself will be thankful to what you become tomorrow, put up a good show for your own younger self.

7)      There will always be someone better than you-: No matter which field you are in and what your role is there will always be someone better than you. This doesn’t mean you didn’t give it your all it. It means that today wasn’t your day and its humanly not possible to be the best always. Remember you are your own competition. 

8)      Be a little selfless and also selfish-: People in general always do favors with the intent of encashing them later. Go out of the way sometimes to help and put a smile on someone’s face. This however does go wrong at times as people take undue advantage so be aware of their intentions and make sure they know that you are doing something for them out of the goodness of your heart. Don’t let people's opinions put you under any pressure, you don’t have to measure up to that. You are living for yourself first.

9)      Live in the moment-: While spending time with your dear one’s live in the moment. Really listen to them, comprehend what they are saying, don’t be distracted by the blinking of your phone. These moments last in your mind don’t have distorted memories but full content ones.

10)  Don’t be a control freak-: You’re human not god. Don’t try to be in control of everything around you, it puts you under a lot of stress most of which is avoidable. Allow yourself to take a break, rest and restore, trust me you aren’t missing anything. Let things assume their natural process. When things don’t go as planned don’t panic and beat yourself down, look into the mirror, and reassure yourself that it is the effort that counts.