Are You Missing These Observations On The Regular Basis?

Nirmit Shah (Learning4it)
Oct 20, 2019   •  442 views

And according to the title of this blog, you might be questioning which things that can you spot on a regular basis.

If this has genuinely grabbed you here, then let’s talk about this.

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Can you spot these?(Source : cryptodaily)

General Observations

(More likely human psychology)

Social Media Sabotage

 (*Sabotage - Destruction)

Yes, the use of the internet has increased a lot. Also, it’s no bad thing to use it because it has really simplified the lifestyle of humans in the world.

Yet sometimes, most of us fall in the trap of it in its excessive usage.

This more usage directs the state of overthinking and they end up like a mess.

Many of us are not even aware that they are actually trapped in it.

This is why they argue, they discuss, they get disappointed, they despair only due to some expected notifications, the number of likes, comments, and shares.

Possession Sabotage

In today’s era, we all know the youth of this world are been distracted by social media.

And the reason why they feel sad all within.

But this doesn’t mean old grannies and grandpas are way too living a happy life.

There are such people in my apartments, who are 50-60 years old or more than that, who literally are talking about their clothes, relatives, how bad is their life and how well, based upon other’s lifestyle.

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Possession (Source : iStock)

Even, you might have experienced this type of possessiveness along with them.

Like literally, they get disappointed by not having desired food at lunch, by missing the chance of buying clothes at a low price as their friends & relatives did so.

Imitation (Copying Others)

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Usually, I park my vehicle in the government parking zone. This parking zone does have sufficient space.

For the last two weeks, I’m observing a very magnificent scenario.

There’s a big long tree behind the parking zone, that has fallen and interrupted some area of parking vehicles.


P.S. - Have a look in the photos

Now, what happened is -

Most of the vehicles were parked in a group (as you can easily see in the photos).

Just because two or three vehicles have opted a place, mostly every person had copied that place thinking it’s a safe one.

Well, no doubt about this because it’s the mindset of human beings.

Human behavior is to imitate like I was also one of them to copy the same location.

In the photos attached, you can easily notice that very few had parked in different locations.

There came two cases if we analyze simply.

  1. Parking where everyone does.

  2. Parking in different locations.


My conclusion over this is not targeting or advising you to do what others are not doing, to not copy others, or to copy others.

And this-that.

In fact, my conclusion is not even advice but to show and relate the reality discussing with you.

Like, I’m feeling so fascinated to tell you this

Don’t do what others are doing. Don’t do what others aren’t doing. Do what you should be doing based upon your appropriate decisions, resources and serving humanity.

I’m so curious to know your experience if you had an observation to share in the discussion section.

Thank You For Reaching Out Here!

Keep Spreading Wisdom.