Let's Stop This Ordinary Stuff In Attending A Seminar!

Nirmit Shah
Oct 13, 2019   •  149 views

Hey there!

If you’ve come up here then I’m pretty sure that you might have attended any seminar.

Well! If not then you might be planning to participate in the future as well.

Besides, let me tell you about yesterday.

On the 12th Of October, 2019 on Saturday, I’ve participated in a seminar on Digital Marketing (calling Digital Summit) where various digital marketers who are experienced in that field from over 5-8 years long.

It was almost like the “Full - Day Seminar” because of its timing from 10 am to 5 pm.

In around my friends and relatives, very few are interested in the Digital Marketing stream.

And, after trying to ask them to join me as well, I’ve had an only option left and that was to go all alone.

Guess what? I had no issues, and I’ve participated in that event.

On the day of the event, I reached there (glad! I was on time 9:58 and get seated, lol)

The event has started.

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Seminar (Source : StoryblocksVideos)

We all know, we feel comfortable when we are busy or at least not sitting alone (so alone like hell)

While consuming content, whether you watch it on a mobile phone or live in front of a host or a celebrity.

But what happens when you are alone?

When it was 12:15 pm, we were told to have lunch during break time and also requested to get seated back at 1:05 pm.

Some volunteers of the event instructed us the way to the canteen.

I’ve had my lunch around 12:45 pm and roaming silently.

I was feeling different this time, because of the unknown place, unknown people yet all alone.

Each action of mine was like “Is someone watching me?

I don’t know why it was happening like this, maybe I'm a little shy or I guess somewhat introvert.

Literally cannot judge this situation.

Among this phase, I had quoted beautifully which you can see a picture below.


I’ve felt - meeting ourselves becomes a subconscious concept when it comes to unknown scenarios irrespective of any support.

We really feel our weaknesses, our flaws, our insider things, though sad, happy in short the real feelings.

That is why practicing to be alone is really helpful.

Spend some time alone

Why should you practise spending time alone? - Do check out one of my own blog as well.

Break time was over. Meanwhile, everyone had finished their lunch.

It was around 1 pm and everyone was about to get seated in the auditorium hall.

Since I’ve been into writing, I’ve really improved in terms of routine and also realize to change very often (I also experimented here as well)

I’ve changed my seat from the previous seat so that I do not get bore messing in the same place.

Observations Over Human Psychology

Most of the participants had come back to the same seat.

Well! Obviously, I’ve taken the seat of someone and that’s why the moment he came back to the place, I was there.

he was a little quirky and I guess he wanted me to take a different seat.

Absolutely, it’s nothing that huge to discuss that everyone should change their seats and not be seated on the same.

But, the thing here is, it reflects the imitation of human beings.

corporate culture

Imitation (Source : gapingvoid)

Thinking like,

“No one has changed their seats, then why should I?”

Some people were uncomfortable there but were ashamed of this stuff.

So, next time when you join such places, at least observe this thing irrespective of changing seats or changing it not.

Human behaviour is to imitate

Valuing Volunteers

Image result for volunteers helping

Volunteers (Source : WashingtonstatePTA)

I really felt bad at the end of this event.

Do you know Digital Pratik?

Yes, a 3 times college drop-out and a well-known digital marketer valuing amazingly in the society.

He was the last speaker in that seminar and everyone was so enthusiastic, even energetic.

The university that had organised this event was gifting a memento to each key-note speaker and did to Digital Pratik as well.

The moment Digital Pratik was leaving the auditorium, it had ignited me and urged me to take a photograph with this great personality.

And at the same time, the host of the event had requested all of the volunteers to come upon the stage.

Those who had managed and helped this event from start to end.

He gave a memento to volunteers along with a group photograph as well as loud applause with appreciation from the audience side.

My mind was busy in meeting that person just for a selfie.

I went selfish :( 

Whereas, if we really see the scenario then, volunteers had worked literally a lot and finely managed the event.

So, the appreciation should be there from my side for volunteers because I know I’ve already had with all celebrities.

It has taught me one beautiful lesson.

Value who are growing from scratch, because once you value them, then you are valuing almost everyone as you already value your favorite celebrities.


  • When you visit the place you don’t know, then you met yourself all alone.

  • Human behaviour is to imitate.

  • Value the growing one because we already valued the grown one.

Next time, when you attend a seminar then at-least try to observe the scenario.

Let's Stop This Ordinary Stuff In Attending A Seminar!

Do share your experience with me in discussion section down here, I’m so curious to have your words.

Thank You For Reaching Out Here.

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