The Top Safari Destinations In Zimbabwe

David Brown
Mar 30, 2020   •  4 views

The Top Safari Destinations in Zimbabwe

Are you considering a safari trip for your next family holiday? Has almost every one of your friends and family members recommended the life-changing Zimbabwe safari tours? Are you set on going to Zimbabwe, but you’re stuck on where to go? If any of this sounds familiar to you, look no further. Choosing a destination can be difficult, especially if you’re visiting a nation of such spectacular natural beauty. There are so many different Zimbabwe safari tours available too, which makes it that much more difficult to choose.


If you’re struggling to determine which out of the several different Zimbabwe safari tours to opt for, continue reading to learn a little more about the different locations.


1.      Gonarezhou National Park

If a unique and stunning view is what you’re after, then this is the Zimbabwe safari tour destination for you. The park’s famous landmark, the red sandstone Chilojo Cliffs, provide a stunning and dramatic backdrop. Picture this - you’re on your late afternoon game drive, sipping on a sundowner and your entire view, the sandstone cliffs, is glowing red in the setting sun.


2.      Hwange National Park

The most famous and most visited park in Zimbabwe, Hwange, is also commonly known as the land of the giants. The park got this nickname from the 45 000 – 60 000 elephants living in the area. If you’re hoping to spot the big 5 while on your Zimbabwe safari tour, then this is the destination for you.


3.      Lake Kariba

Lake Kariba is one of the most understated destinations. If you are looking to go on a ‘beach holiday’ in the middle of safari country, then look no further.


4.      Mana Pools National Park

If you’re searching for a breathtakingly beautiful destination for your Zimbabwe safari tour, Mana Pools is the park for you. As it’s located near the Zambezi river, it’s large pools are able to support an abundance of wildlife. These pools also allow for several activities, such as canoeing and safaris.


5.      Matobo National Park

Matobo National Park is supposedly the location of Ophir, making it the biblical land wherefrom King Solomon got ivory, gold and exotic birds. One of this parks biggest attractions, making it a hotspot for Zimbabwe safari tours, is their endangered black and white rhino, as well as their ‘balancing rocks’ site.


6.      Matusadona National Park

This national park took its name from the Matuzviadonha Hills. If you’re looking to embark on Zimbabwe safari tours at this park, you will only be able to access the region by light aircraft, 4x4 or boat, making it the ultimate destination for adventure seekers.


7.      Victoria Falls

Also known as ‘the Smoke that Thunders’, Victoria falls is one the seven natural wonders of the world and an absolute must-see. If you’re looking for a thrilling Zimbabwe safari tour, packed with all sorts of adrenaline activities, then this is the ultimate end-point for your safari.


As you can see, there are several incredible destinations to visit when on your Zimbabwe safari tour. If you simply can’t choose only one, why not purchase a package where you visit a handful of destinations!