Hardest of all emotions I say. Everything has an end! depression, anger, pain, frustration but regret is a Bermuda triangle never seen anyone coming out of it. Even after decades there will be last scratch of regret sticking somewhere in your heart.

So what are you regreting about??
It can be anything, the decision you have made. The mistakes you have commited, the wrong people you have chosen, the words u have uttered intentionally or unknowningly that may have played with someone's emotions or you may have assumed so. At the end of the day all you do is REGRET.

You will recall all those situations and start debating yourself what you should have done and what you have actually did.

This worsens the situation
more recalling = more regrets

Sometimes you don't have a choice but most of the time you don't want to notice it

So can we put an end call to all of this?

Easy to say.. But one cannot let it go easily ofcourse you must have tried hard but its hard to drain away the last drop.

So all you can do is gain confidence to accept the fact. you have done what felt right at the moment so what is bothering you now??? Life can't be perfect all the time. 'perfect the imperfects'. Stop blaming yourself and move ahead!

Perfect the imperfects