Bermuda Triangle- A Truth Or An Illusion

Isha Mittal Undefined
Jan 01, 2020   •  2 views

Bermuda Triangle, the Devil’s Triangle- a great mystery, about which the people are still researching about. The biggest question for the people- Is this story behind the Bermuda Triangle is true or still an illusion?

Bermuda Triangle, a Hurricane Alley, is a loosely defined region, covering three countries- Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. There’s a myth that says, it’s a region between these three countries, where a number of aircraft and the ships disappear if they pass through this region and the ships and aircraft have never been found. It sounds quite interesting. But still, no one knows about this yet. There are various incidents that are proof of the mysterious activities taking place at the Bermuda Triangle. There are many eye-witnesses who shared their experience regarding the strange behavior of the compasses when they enter into the tunnel, the twirling of the clouds, and some other unusual activities.

There are many myths said by the people who say why the objects are attracted to the Triangle. People say that the objects might be attracted due to the high gravity power in that region, which attracts the objects towards it. The story is quite strange, as the atmosphere around the place remains as normal as other places have, but as soon as any objects pass over it or pass on it, there are sudden changes in the atmosphere, like there soon starts a heavy thunderstorms, and rains, tornados start in the ocean and there is a silver lining in the clouds, the weather from a calm one soon turns into the windy, stormy one. This change in the weather is comparable with the changes in a scary house from day to night, which becomes haunted at night.

A story related to this mysterious illusion that once a group of people including the pilot and the staff were flying to Mexico. The people at that time were not aware of the triangle and they went over this triangle, and they soon saw a sudden change in the weather, causing their plane to go mad and it started causing disbalance and their plane started moving downwards. The weather changed, the waters that were still turned into large waves as if they are hungry and are waiting to eat, the clouds only of that area turned black with huge thunderstorms with strong winds moving around. The picture changed completely from sunny and cloudless weather to windy, stormy weather, rained like cats and dogs. It's such a unique functioning of nature! Thus, this was a story that relates to the activities that take place at the Bermuda Triangle.

Researches are still trying to know the fact and the truth behind this Triangle due to which such activities are going on, but till now, they have not succeeded. So, the story behind this Bermuda Triangle still remains an illusion as to date no one is able to know the reason or the science behind the disappearance of the ships, aircraft and all the other things never again found in the waters. The Bermuda Triangle is still an illusion, but a truth for the disappearance.