Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions, And Acceptance

Shubha Verma
Jan 04, 2020   •  8 views

With the growing globalization and the changing world of millennial generation, we are in a world of transits. Many things which were so normalized before and judged and frowned upon today. And vice versa. It’s definitely a better place for women today, a better world to have a voice and a great time to find your place in the world as who you are and not what society makes you. it may seem like a very liberating time, or so it seems.

Many of us may have heard of the analogy of comparing an office to a prison, with the only difference being the people aren’t aware they are trapped, and are very much willing to be there. Something similar is the bondage of this world we live in today, and such are its traps that they are self- imposed. We have barriers all around us, which are but by us. And what is worse is that these barriers aren’t so obvious as before. We aren’t even realizing these barriers exist and hence we can never figure out why when we have everything we want and it all went according to our will; we are not happy? The world is trying to become a place where it doesn’t mold people into something. Today we all are our own people. Hence, I can never identify your barriers. Your barriers depend on you and your life, when you didn’t even realize when you restricted yourself in such manner that you were reaching to your own self but you couldn’t hear your voice. The issues of anxiety, depression, unhappiness, dissatisfaction, and many other mental issues are on a rise today and these are all signs of your own mind trying to reach out to you and trying to tell you that some barrier of yours needs to be broken right now because you are growing bigger than that.  Listen to these signs and break it to become and accept who you actually are. Is it fear? Or is it society? What is containing you? What are you so afraid of to step out of the shell you have created? Identify these issues rather than running away from them, a very common path our generation today chooses. It is brave of us to fight it and be stubborn about it and choose not to step out and fight with every will we have to not go out of our comfort zone but it is also incredibly stupid and pointless because life will do it anyway. and it will be a long fight where you will be in constant fear and disappointment, sinking into the deep black hole of toxicity and mazes of escapes which is all you, trying to avoid the inevitable. By the end of the day, with the additional baggage of regret and lost time and wrong decisions, you will have to find greater courage and will power to finally do the thing which you wanted to avoid so bad all the time; facing the reality and accepting the change.  Hate to say It again and again and I wish I could find a better way to dawn it to you, but it is indeed inevitable. And no other solution in this entire world exists. There is no escape and no substance abuse, drug, alcohol or nicotine in the world which will end it. It will only delay it and increase it exponentially. If you think you will run as much as you can and face it when it comes, let me tell you if it is difficult today, it is going to be far more difficult tomorrow. There is no right time in tomorrow to face your issues which is righter than today. Every day that you lose running is one more day where things will get only more difficult and so bad that it might actually be incurable and all you will be left with is regret of not having the right courage at the right time. The life that you are running away from so fast, is your life, and it will catch up to you. You are only draining yourself and making things difficult for yourself and people around you. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to sit back and think about it, of what you are doing and why it is so hard for you to reconcile with your own life, and why it is so difficult to accept positive things life is signaling all around you, know this that you may not get this opportunity again. Know that life might even be curable today, and with an open end, but if you put all your energy in running away from it, things may get so worse and you so drained that you may never be able to accept the positive.

Maybe no answer exists to why our generation is so complicated and so adverse when it comes to accept simple positive things in life. Accepting our little insecurities and issues don’t make us weak and an object open to judging, and accepting small little things in life which make us happy, being in that moment and being grateful for it doesn’t mean we are settling for less. What is ours will come to us. Everything has its time. but its very important to appreciate what you have today and be patient for what you want for tomorrow. It is time we stop judging ourselves and pushing ourselves so much in directions which might not even be right or necessary. Maybe the right direction is staring right at you, but you in your barriers are just fearing to walk it.