Recently a video went viral on facebook about an aunty who was commenting a girl on her cloths and told her that she must get raped because she was wearing a short dress. This totally showcases the mentality of our Indian society. So, this is a reply to all the Aunties who judge us by our cloths and comment without thinking for a single time.

Dear Aunty,

I saw your video and I am so happy that I am not your daughter because if I would be your daughter then I must get dead till now. My life would have been like a trapped bird. But thankful to the dear god, I am not your daughter. I feel myself as the most privileged woman or girl and thanful to the almighty god for blessing with me open minded parents who don't have a menatlity like you.

I am living in a country where I have a right to equality, right to freedom granted by my constitution. I am educated, earning, working., standing on my own. Working hard to keep alive my identity. This took a lot of years to emerging from a housewife to a working woman. We, the women of India has survived female foeticide, discrimination, domestic violence, sati pratha to become an independent happy woman.

In this patriarchial society, we are working day and night to make a equal place for us like Indian man. We are fighting with the traditional and orthodox mentality of society. They are already criticizing us in one or another way. But we didn’t expect this from you. They are being gender biased but what about you?Being the same gender, knowing the pain behind sexual harassment ans sexual violence how could you ask someone to get raped. Rape is a heinous crime done by some monsters of our society.

Aunty, they never raped a girl due to their cloths, they are raping my little sisters to fulfil their lust. So next time do think about the difficulties you faced your entire life and do not become a same difficulty for us. I hope you might change yourselves and do not become a difficulty for any of us.

I feel pity for you and want you to get well soon from your sick mentality and hopes taht with time your minds too become open and you have courage to accepts the changes happening in our society.
Yours lovingly
Independent woman



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Awesome wryting:)