What is the first thought when we hear RAPE? Non consensual intercourse enforced by a MEN on on WOMEN but we forget the fact or these rapes happen to men too. Yes men do get raped but there are very less cases which is recorded but we can not forget the fact that it is not a crime or it doesn't happen. It is as relevant in the society as any other crime in all around the world. But hence people are still not that aware male rape is also a crime.

In India there is a very high ratio of exploitation of man which we do not often talk about. One of the main reason is that men generally do not come out that they have been exploited as due to social norms or the stereotype tell that a man is the one who cannot be vulnerableor can express emotion hence they are scared to put out about themselves about assaults held with them cause they feel that they would be outcasted from the society. According to society men loose their masculinity if they are emotional.Even if anyone want to report the crime there is no such prominent law against male rape in India. There are many cases happen day to day and the worst part is many people do not know that it has happened with them as they are not told about abuses or they are not aware about molestation.

Most of the male rape cases happens between the age group of 18-34years of age and Approximately2% of it gets reported as not only the victims but there parents or social surrounding do not believe in the crime as they say that there victim would be proven weak in front of the society. Also we educate girls much often about the good touch and bad touch but we ignore the fact of telling young boys about it hence putting them in danger. Most of of the victims do not open up about it as they think they will be judged morally due to the way they are brought up and told them to live according to societal standard. These crime are attempted by generally the victim’s well aquatinted person this also lead to notion that “shayad yeh normal hai sabke lie bade hai humse zyada jante honge”consequently victim thinking that it is ok of their known to do that and when the known is a relative then they think that's the way of loving . Parents are also not open to tel their child about sexual abuses as they are uncomfortable to talk about it as sex is very private topic or a taboo in India being the 2nd largest population.

One of the cases of mail rape which was not reported was that a teenager who was 12 year old was raped by 5 seniors in school for a year till the time the seniors passed high school. That child was not able to confront his parents as he thought that will make his parents angry also he didn't know that he could report a case as he had not heard about the term of male rape. The child was so much so exploited that he stopped protesting against the senior after a point of time and as he lived in hostel he couldn't go home. The child when told his best friend about it the friend started to laugh as the child cried and called him a wuss. This child hence developed a tendency of getting molested and thought it was common and it was no harm in that.

This is just one case of male rape but there are many many others which remains in hearts of the victim. To avoid this we should aware people about the thing as male rape and plea for amended laws for male rapeand should change people stereotype towards men and tell them it’s okay to be vulnerable and share their emotion and no one will judge them. And also children should be told about good touch bad touch by their parents and male rape should not be treated as a taboo.