It’s been five months since I turned 30! And when I just started to explore, Corona Virus was declared a pandemic, and the country as of today is in a lockdown along with most of the world. But I wanted to focus on the good aspects.

Birthdays have always been a big occasion for me, and when it’s a milestone especially first one after your marriage it definitely becomes even BIGGER. I have no qualms about leaving my 20’s behind. I enjoyed them thoroughly, I did some things right, screwed up plenty of others and made a lot of memories in the process. My 20s, much like everyone else’s, were about self-discovery. 20s were full of personal milestones. I lived alone, worked, traveled, lost some very close family members, cried bitter tears, laughed loudly, shifted houses, made new friends. 

In a nutshell…it’s been an adventure.

My peers are all “real adults” now. I guess I am too. Meaning, we are done with school, working full time, some have husbands/wives, even one or two have kids (or a baby on the way). Teenagers look ridiculously young. It doesn’t feel like it was that long ago that I was one of them, but then I see someone in high school and I realize it was half my lifetime ago. When Facebook reminds me of things that happened ten years ago, I am shocked at how young and thin I look and weird (if only we had the makeup skills combined with the editing skills the teenagers have now) and how fast time flies.

I know a lot of people, but my closest friends are a handful, a close-knit circle and I am glad. My patience for drama has decreased drastically and having such a close group of people is a blessing. Most, I have known for a long time and it’s comforting to have people who have seen me at my worst, seen me cry, traveled with me, celebrated my highs, and have been standing strong with me at my lows, we have gone through family stress, relationship stress, and a lot of drama and gossip, yet we are still friends…You guys know who you are and I am forever grateful. I can honestly say that at this moment in my life I know exactly what I want to do and what I need to do to get there.  It may take a few more years to get there, but knowing that I’ve lined up all my ducks in a row feels so good.

I am definitely in a more comfortable, healthier space now than I was ten years ago. I am more confident of who I am and definitely done apologizing for who I was. If I don’t fit into the “perfect mold” that’s fine by me. My 20s were very transient and now I have reached a stage in life where I feel I know who I am and starting this decade from a good place. I am blessed to have my husband, who is my new closest friend.

30s feel surreal. I never imagined I would feel so normal. I mean 30 always seemed so far off…so old! Yet here I am. I am glad to say I feel anything but old…Yayyyy for that! Now that I have crossed this milestone, I am excited about this new decade and what it has in store for me. Hopefully no more lockdowns (no more corona or any other disease) and a happy healthy life! Regardless of how I feel today, I’m thankful for everything I have now more than ever. I’m sure everything will fall into place the way it's supposed to and just because I’m one year older, doesn’t mean I have to live differently. I’m still that same girl, with stars in her eyes and wonder in her heart. 

Here’s to another 30 years…