Those deep conversations we used to have while wandering around the streets, the after college outings even if we ended up sitting in a nearby park or those warm hugs we used to give each other just a minute before saying goodbye.

But as today I was remembering these past memories it took a toll on me. Currently we all are stuck inside our home and maybe there are chances we might be feeling loneliness in our relationship.

There's no harm in acknowledging the ways this lockdown is affecting your relationship. You can try these tips for supporting and making your relationship work during these tough times.

1.First take care of yourself

It's being rightly said that give yourself some care and attention as you give others and watch yourself bloom. 

 (1.)  Writing

Spend atleast 5-20 minutes of writing a freeform. It helps to eliminate stress and increases your creativity.

2.) Meditate

Meditation helps to fight with mental stress issues during this time. It will help you to decrease anxiety and improve your cardiovascular health, and will help in achieving greater capacity of relaxation.

3.) Physical fitness

Physical fitness is not only important for your healthy body but also for healthy mind and emotional well-being. It helps in reducing cortisol (stress hormone).

2. Try new things 

Push yourself out of your comfort zone, try new things out. There are plenty of things one can experiment in this lockdown

1.)Brush your cooking skills

This creativity will help you in making feel good.

2.) Indulge in some online course 

You can make the use of this lockdown time effectively to acquire new skills, which will be fruitful for your career as well.

3.) Try to paint

It brings a soulful peace in your life by promoting positive attitude and providing stress relief.

3.) Check in with each other daily

There are some chances that your better half might also be facing emotional stress from lockdown . You can check up on each other daily even by asking normal things. Like:

 1. How was their day?

2. Any feelings they want to share?

3. Sharing your own thoughts

Always try to provide support.

Afterall communication is most important to keep a healthy relationship going .


The silver lining of this lockdown period is that it deprived me the importance of physical contact .