With the start of the year (2020), no one even had a little clue, that a deadly Corona virus would destroy the whole world. The out break of Covid-19 disease would turn the world upside down.

Who had imagined that a time would come where face masks, hand sanitizers, gloves, lockdowns and curfew would become an integral part of everyone’s life.

A New Way of Life was coming for all of us. People were advised to stay indoors, movement of flights, trains, buses were immediately stopped. Schools, Colleges, Institutes were shut down. The world economy starting dropping to lowest levels. Loss of Jobs, Businesses, Earnings of workers and labors, all were destroyed within months. People’s usual life turned into an unusual one.


However, in this Pandemic, the importance of medical industry, being hygienic, maintaining healthy habits became the basics of our human race. Even, the hard work of our Governments, Doctors, Nurses, Police Personnel, Sanitary workers in stopping the virus is commendable.

Nevertheless, even today, the world of masks and sanitizers are true and a reality. A New Normal has begun. Work from home culture, online meetings and online classes is the New Normal.

Today, there are over crores of Covid-19 cases across the world, with over tens of lakhs of deaths and still counting. However, with strong hope and positivity, we have entered into another year (2021), and introduction of Covid-19 Vaccinations is a very good sign for all of us. But, again looking at the recent Covid-19 cases developing in different forms is a danger sign, yet again. We as a responsible human being, should take all the steps to stop this Pandemic, anytime soon. It is rightly said, ‘’With Great Hope Comes Great Responsibility’’.

Disclaimer- The content and data used in this article is for informational and representational purposes only.



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