The anxiety among the common people had increased to a varied extent because of the emerging cases of Coronavirus. To curb the growth of virus and prevent disease from spreading widely, India and many other countries started to apply the phenomena of Lockdown. There were decisions taken even for lockdown extensions. But then there comes a question, Were the lockdown seasons successful or the efforts just failed?

To answer this question filled in many curious minds, there are various facts and thesis.
There are 4 lakh Corona cases in India as of today (20/06/2020). The projected cases by certain research associations with hard lockdown was 6 crores which India actually didn't reached indicating the lockdown had an much positive impact.


While everyone was busy in work from home in lockdown, government was trying to prepare for the emerging cases. The major development observed in lockdown were :
1. Special health Infrastructure were made to fight with Covid-19.
2. Production increased of supplies, equipments, oxygen, etc.
3. Various ignored guidelines and standards were actually adopted by people.
4. R & D played a huge role by diagnostics, virus studies, vaccines study, tech-facs, drug trials for coronavirus, and much more.

The doubling rate observed in India stayed constant or rather increased unlike other countries. If lockdown wasn't brought into action, we might had less doubling rate and much corona cases, in an early stage.


Inspite of this facts which speaks we were bit of successful, there are things which proves we weren't. To start with it, there was economic failure amidst the global pandemic. We wiped out 16,50,000 from Indian economy by putting everything on hold. GDP rate also shown a decline from 4.6% to 3.5%.
Continuing the negative impacts of lockdown in India, As per estimates from CMIE, 12.2 crores people lost their jobs due to lockdown. The package given in lockdown 4.0 was useful only for labourers and poor people, ignoring middle-class people.
Lastly, Mental disorders increased because of staying inside the four walls. Anxiety and depression faced a boost leading to suicidal tendencies.

Concluding the discussion, we can say that Lockdown tried to excel against Coronavirus. But it wasn't able to fully achieve its objectives. Continuing the struggle, Lockdown 5.0 has began. We hope, it turns out to be successful and we get relieved from corona cases. Till then, let's stayhome and be safe.