You could listen to the poetry in the air. The earth seemed to recline in a lazy manner and stare back at the ‘best’ creation ever, ‘the human kind’. As the air ‘reclaimed’ its soul and the winds ‘purr’ back to life, you know that it is time to sit back and reflect in to your own self.

As the world stands ‘locked-up’, nature heals. While the man has been put to ‘place’, Mother Earth smiles with contentment. We had gone too far. We took too much for granted and got too greedy to care. We as the most ‘evolved’ of the races has forgotten the art of ‘living’. It was about claiming, acquiring and building walls at places not required. We taught we were are ultimate power and could ‘play puppet’ with the less mortal. People were being pushed, children were being punished for no crimes of theirs, homes where being vandalized and the souls were left to weep in despair.

Corona Virus is termed a ‘Pandemic’. A global disaster to profound that it has bought the mighty down to their knees. As the human kind is in its quest to ‘hunt’ for a cure; the nature seems to care less. The Covid-19, as the pandemic is known to be, has in a strange, twisted manner ‘united’ the human kind. The virus knows no race, no color, no religion and no boundaries. It appears to march ahead in its own race for survival; a being so minute that it is visible only under the most powerful of microscopes. Termed as ‘Corona’ due to its ‘crown-like’ external appearance, the virus is here to rule for some time at least.

One cannot deny the fact that innocent lives are being lost and millions have been consumed by this deadly virus. But this could also be ‘Karma’ doing its job. As the wheels of fortune seems to be turning in the most unpredictable manner, winning is hardly a celebration. The Corona Virus Pandemic could be argued to be ‘nature arriving to collect its dues’, as we have been creating a debauchery of the most obscene acts against humanity itself. After all, mankind might have landed on Mars, but it simply takes an almost ‘invisible’ force of nature to bring to back to your roots.

We need to clam down, reflect, revive and emerge better; if we survive the disaster. As more and more lives are being claimed by the ‘angel of death’, the human race lies in a bleak sense of survival. It is almost surreal as you can hear the birds chirp away to freedom and the leaves flutter in bliss. This is how nature was meant to be; beautiful, innocent and carefree. Let us get together and learn from this ‘act of discipline ’ that has been imposed on us. If we survive, we will grow better and stronger.