The COVID-19 which originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan has paralyzed the entire world. Today, the entire world unitedly fights against Corona, putting their best foot forth. The spread of corona is just a bane of fierce globalization. While everyone is being extremely precautious, our front-line workers like the delivery agents, pharmacists, Doctors, Police forces are at stand by to ensure speedy aid to the general public. I commend them for their selfless service to our society. No amount of applause and appreciation can measure up to how truly grateful we are.

I am being candid by saying I did not know how gruesome this entire situation was until India went into lockdown on 25th march. When the PM delivered his speech regarding the lockdown the first thing that came to my mind is how people will start hoarding food and there will be a plausible food shortage, and how the economy is going to crash. At this exact moment, I felt scared and the reality struck me like lightning. My family has been hooked on to news since the lockdown was imposed. I spend almost an hour every day myself listening to national and international news.

I wouldn’t lie, but the initial few days were tough; staying at home all the time and not being able to meet my friends who stay just two floors beneath mine. Initially, it was bothersome, and shortly our college initiated online classes and gave a lot of assignments. In the beginning, I loathed the idea but then I got a hang of it and surprisingly college kept me busy and sane.

Its almost been a month into the lockdown and I’ve made peace with the fact. The number of positive cases are increasing at an alarming rate, but as someone rightly said, “Its going to get much worse before it gets better” gives me some hope.

A large part of me misses getting up at 6:30 am for college and maintaining the attendance criteria, I miss the occasional boozing with my friends, riding my scooty and going out for walks with my favorite music playing. Had I known the last time I went to college would be the last day I would have been far more attentive in all my classes, had a last cup of tea during the break with my friends and hugged them goodbye.

Some positive things are happening around us which we aren’t noticing. To name a few: our environment is healing, we are able to spend some time reconnecting with our families, we are being mindful of what we do, we are engaging ourselves in our lost hobbies and most importantly we understand how precious our lives are. Of course, whilst for some, this is a vacation time the lower economic strata of our society is extremely vulnerable. This epidemic is being politicized and is also creating religious differences which is hurtful.

These days when I go to my balcony early in the morning there is no hustle-bustle just chirpy birds singing in soaring temperatures. When I go to buy Vegetables, it feels like I am going to war the difference being that these foes are invisible to our naked eyes

When all of this is over, I can’t wait to return to normalcy and being around people.

This whole epidemic has taught us a few lessons which we shall never forget; always cover your face when u go to crowded places, do not push nature’s boundaries, washing your hands and keeping yourself tidy is a way of life thus learn to embrace it, be mindful of what you eat, all of us are vulnerable but at different levels, globalization is a vital phenomenon having its boon and bane, man is a social animal so when u spend time with others be invested completely in the moment, life may not be exactly the same and that's fine and self-care takes you a long way.