How A Girl Is Born In India?

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Ammi can I ask you what it took for you to give birth to a girl when all I see people killing girl child.
Flashing all the scenes of her daughter's birth, she told her that I always fought for you my little angel. Expecting a child is often a nightmare for women who are pressurized to give birth to a boy under pain and torture. So when talking about female foeticide what it basically means, killing of the girl inside the womb of mother through illegal ways. Why we consider it a taboo to give birth to a girl when they themselves have come from the womb of a mother.

Killing the girl child in the lure of boy and who knows that in the near future that boy will surely laurel their names or be a rapist , or a theft and so on. That one perception that in old age their son is going to help them and carry on their work is all a FALSE perception. Nowadays mostly sons leave their parents to old age homes and live a tension free life .
When on the one hand our nation is achieving so much and on the other hand we are ignoring the bitter truth of society. We just forget the simple line that without women this world or humanity can't be run .

There was a women in the district of Madhya Pradesh named Parveen Khan. Her story is full of agony that cannot be expressed in words. She got married in the year 1994 and after three years she got pregnant. She gave birth to a beautiful girl but when his father got to know that it was a girl he left her . He didn't even saw his daughters face. After some years she was again expecting but this time her husband tortured her till death comes and again n again he did her abortion.

So after 1 year she was again expecting and this time she didn't tell anyone about her pregnancy. Instead she kept that baby inside her for 5 months until his husband one day beat her with hockey stick. So after all this she gave birth to the girl again. In Spite of all the torture she didn't let him kill her baby again. But , one day his husband came and he with his mouth ate her whole face till it became in a very bad condition. And this is the real story of this lady who suffered through these miseries and stood against his husband. After all what happened Parveen khan went away with her daughter's , completed her education and made herself and her daughter's independent .

To do torture is a sin but to tolerate that torture is one of the biggest sins. Humanity simply means a collective group of humans ensuring better welfare of the society. But we all humans are the root cause of this gender disparity. We have categorized the work and the responsibilities even before the child is born . We all are collectively a part of this killing. My question to every man who criticise , who always thinks that it's a problem in the woman who gives birth to the girl so why don't you for once think that it's because of your own sperm. Rather putting all the blame on a mother, why don't you just accept for once that it can be your fault too.

And this happens not only in the villages but in the cities too. The education system is not proper in villages but in cities the most educated people also do this sin. And as per the research the highly educated class have done this sin in recent times. From top CA'S , to IAS OFFICERS , DOCTORS , PROFESSOR, and PEOPLE WORKING IN MNCS. And their is a pattern also to first do the ultrasound and then kill the girl child.

And in comparison to this there was one research gone through in which adivasi group happily accepted the birth of girls. They didn't even killed the girl child in the lure of boy. So what is the issue. It's not about the class struggle or rich or poor, it's about our mentality that makes us to take certain steps .

Humanity is all about us. We are the ones who have made this all about gender. We forget that we all are born from a women whose gender is FEMALE not MALE. Lets just for once clear our way of seeing girls as a liability and accept the fact that girls also have the potential to grow and bloom rather running a mad race for PRODUCING boys.



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