She is the creator,

she is the healer,

she's taking all your pain ,

but you ruthlessly kill her....

The terms female infanticide or female foeticide are common to people nowadays.

Female infanticide means killing of girl child after birth or within one year of its birth. It is done by giving some medicines or injections or by not giving enough nutrition to the child.

Female foeticide refers to the killing of female foetus within the mother's womb. It is done through sex determination and then followed by abortion if detected the sex of child to be female.

Why this modern India still consider girls to be liable and burderned?

The most affected state is Rajasthan along with other western states like Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. Even a case in Odisha shows a pathetic condition where a mother killed her three daughters due to frustration.

Parents think girls to be liable and burderned as they need to go to someone else's home after marriage and also with demand of dowry which will cost them their life.

In most of the cases, boys are said to be ASSETS and girls are considered to be LIABILITY. All these families think that, boys are going to increase their family lineage bringing bride and economically he is going to help. But they forget that, the bride too is a girl / woman.

Even women come under group of MINORITY. They get low spill over goods like rations, water connections, education. They are not allowed to go to schools or provided with any economy. They are forced to learn daily chores of a house, cooking, washing, cleaning, dairy chores etc. They are considered so weak that they are also considered to be just a child maker machines. That's so pathetic to hear. I don't understand how parents can hate their own child so much just because she is a girl? They sell their daughters giving a good lot amount of money as dowry. How they don't understand if this money would have been spent on their education they would have returned it in double amount by their jobs, education, and ideas.

Female foeticide is just a solution of their dowry system, they think. This is just a work of an illiterate person. How doctors even allowing this sin to be conducted? They are at least literate.

She is your mother, she is your daughter, at times she is your friend and also your teacher, she becomes a wife taking care of everyone. She is the goddess to get a little bit affection which she wish for.

One thing they must understand, girls and boys are equal in everything. They both have equal rights to study, have education, right to do jobs. If they are given education, they don't need to be dependent on someone and can live their life independently, earning their livelihood, making their parents proud and also helping their family with economy.

Female foeticide is done on the basis of sex determination in which amniotic fluid from mother's uterus is tested. Although India has banned these tests, there are still secret medical clinics are available who do these tests and also help in aborting female foetus.

And now too, statistics says that there are 930 girls present in Ratio of 1000 boys. Gradually number of girls are decreasing.

If such case goes on, there will be only men alive on earth and there won't be any female existing.

Why are these people forgetting that,the person from whom they have taken birth is also a woman?


Profile of Pratyush Kumar Pathy
Pratyush Kumar Pathy  •  2y  •  Reply
Yess its true people should know the value of a girl child...All girls r deserved respect...and I become fan of urs
Profile of Ayusmita Parida
Ayusmita Parida  •  2y  •  Reply
Perfectly said.. Thank you so much for your great comment. 🤞🤞 we need more people like you on earth..
Profile of Aman Samantray
Aman Samantray  •  2y  •  Reply
This one is a cruel and stupid thing which people do and have been doing from long back, as said boys and girls are the same, we are no one to assume that a girl can't so anything or make her family proud whereas a boy can do all these. No absolutely wrong, both are capable of everything, no one is more or no one is less than anyone and about the clinics who do still perform these operations secretively, you should feel bad and shameful while performing the operation ,like seriously how can you kill a human, moreover a girl who even hasn't enter the world, was it her mistake that she is a girl? Or is it in our control to give birth to whom we wish. You narrow minded people have to be mature now and just think what you are going to do.