Mother gives birth to the child but the father is his hero. Right from birth, he is the child's best teacher. From teaching how to walk to teaching lessons of lives a father plays a very important role in one's lives.

He is the head of the family, the strongest branch of the tree. He holds the responsibility of everyone and has to look after them the most.

You used to go to him when you wanted a toffee or chocolate and you still go to him when you want a DSLR or a car for yourself! Your needs might have changed but he has always been the same person helping you whenever you need him.

Dad's are the strongest, they would still make you smile even if they have thousands of tensions roaming around his head. He would deal with all the problems alone without letting his little one know. We go running towards our dad whenever we want something, be it a school bag, a bike, or a trip to somewhere. But why do we often forget them when they get old?

He taught you how to walk, how to eat, got you into school then into college and always stood behind you as a tough unbreakable wall for you to lean on him whenever you need his support and guidance.

The person who supported us all our life, why can't we be there for him when he needs us the most?

We ask anything from him without a single thought,so why aren't we ready to give him the love and care he deserves?

We get so busy in our lives that we forget there are these 2 people who still love us the most no matter what we do. But we get so busy in making our future that we forget them.

They are a major reason that we are what we are today. Calling them every day asking them how they are, meeting them once in a while are some small gestures that would mean a lot to them.

This father's day, go meet your father if you can and tell him how much you love him. Because in no measure can we repay what he has done for us all our life, but can just give him the love, care and support he deserves.

If he can spend almost half his life taking care of us, why can't we take care of him when he needs us ?