My grandfather is the energetic person I have ever known. He is very caring and loving, whenever anybody is late from the time they come home, my grandpa got very tensed and try to call them again and again. He is the most influential person in my life. he is like a friend to me, a teacher, and always my mentor. When I studied in elementary school, he teaches me grammar at home, unless the fact that I have never learned grammar neither from school nor from him.

He used to wear white pajamas and shirts, and he loves to apply perfume all over his body. When I was a child, my grandfather was the securest person for me; whenever I saw any dark dream, I used to run to him to escape from that dream. He tells me a bedtime story every night, and every night, it was a new story, and every story makes me sleep on his hand. He wants to make me keen to fight the leading hurdles of my life. He is the person with highest ethics; he never goes against rules but usually cheated in Ludo and carom. He always taught us that we should value our lives. He also taught us to make daal baati, and it is the most delicious dish anybody could eat. He has a loving, warm, caring, straightforward and firm personality. He is the bravest man accepting whatever comes to his way.

My grandfather believes so much in god. He is a school teacher and lives alone during the time of duty and only comes home fifteen days every six months. It was his faith in the god that he carried his job so well. He managed to do all the household as well as the job work together for so many years only for his family.

Eight years back when he suddenly got paralyzed, when I was 11. I encountered that he was lying on the floor and not moving. I called my mother and sister; then we rushed to the hospital. It was a heart-breaking moment for me, for the first time I felt the pain of separation from your loved ones, from the one you never imagined that anything could ever happen to them, it was the scariest moment for me. This incidence teaches me how important life is, but I never wanted this kind of example to make me understand how important life is.

I am glad to have a grandpa like him, no matter what happens in life, he is the one who always looks beyond my faults. It seems that, what so ever I have done, I always a perfect little girl for him. I love him forever.