Life is a bunch of amazing relationships. We make 100 of relations with people all around ourselves including family, friends, mentors , and teachers."Dosti"is one of the beautiful relations. If one is having a bunch of faithful and loving friends along with family, Life is said to be complete as I felt.

Today's friendship day is dedicated to my mommie and my loving friends.

Here is a drable about a cute friendship that will left its beautiful imprint on every one's heart.



" You were my personal favourite, my champ. The day we met was a darkish room with yellow shade near the last shelf of library.

I heared alot about you before we met. A blue shirt hanging bag on one side and running with heavy steps from stairs looking down toward earth.

It was a perfect picture that I captured from the playground. Later, we met in cooridors with a perfect greeting. Hola!

I couldn't understand what was that in the beginning. But yeah I get to know it's a Spanish hello. and I replied Hi! With a smile.

Shaking hands for being twins in some aspects was extraordinary.

Your love for colourful gems and asking me to take whenever some from your hands whenever I met you. I used to select my orange colour. I can't forget that.

Seeing me dipping hands in the mud pot and your smiley face with a advice. "Never change your childishness,I love it". Those were sweet moments.

Bringing a bottle of water in start on bus when it is moving slowly. Is that not friendship?

When I used to say "ek toll par ho gy, now you will go? with a sad face

Your positivity of telling me we have some distance left and till then we can talk. That positivity just make me euphoric.

Talking alot about life and people passes our journey and how can I forget your" paper boat"

Loving the same flavour "Aam pana". But giving me the chance to choose first was a cute Dosti.

Your coming without any reason to college to meet me and talk to me just to make me happy. Is that not friendship?

Dosti is not just relation, it's a cute emotion.

Whenever I am in distress. Your words" I am with you, call me anytime" makes me even more energetic.

One day your phone was not going. I was tensed already and then you told me now I am going to keep cell in my hand," I can't see you in worry"

Shopping your favourite hide and seek and gems and yeah your night boost bournborn was euphoria.

Your helping me to read books and start on it, sharing your favourite Iglesias songs on bluetooth was happiness for me.

Sometimes I do not understand songs, you told me to read lyrics first.

You gifted me the art of reading, watching English stuffs, I can't forget.

When I get angry. Your words " get angry, shout don't be silent and don't keep phone on switched off"

That was care. Care is actually a wonderful part of Dosti. That we sometimes forget.

I am thankful to the days when the friendship was pristine and wonderful.

When you used to ask" do you ever leave this friendship, if you get friends in another chapter of your life".

My prestine reply" Never, ever I want to loose this"

Words have great power. I love his words. I forgot when I became used to your friendship like anything.

I started loving everything that you craved for.

My love for cappachiono, black colour, guitar, badminton, Urdu, poetry, literature, English songs, movies everything that sounds awesome to you.

Ofcourse a dost can do so. I never knew when my friendship got elevated to such a ideal form that I never imagined.

You cared for me at every steps. Either to help me in completing assignments, my health, everything.

I forgot to live on my own. You became my that dost. I can't imagine to lose ever and can't think my life without your presence.

I am telling the chunks, which hopefully connects my drabble into a beautiful memory.

Your presence took my life to heaven.Your coming to me and showing your "green shirt" and asking for the compliment. Your coming towards me just seeing my face that I am suffering from fever. And asking me to take medicine soon.

Everything was just awesome.

I started to learn everything. Yeah nobody told me to do so. My dedication towards your cute Dosti made me to watch "Anand, three Idiots for the first time".

I love it.

Your correction of my grammar. " Esko receet Bolte h receipt ni"

Your care, remarks as a counselor, teacher and a dost just embedded in my knowledge.

I became little more captured with your amazing friendship.

My taking out of tiffin carrying parle_G and your happiness. When somebody says what parle-G?

Your support towards me . My critics over, high seat bikes which you love the most and your saying of buying a scooter that I can ride too.

Your compliment over my sari on farewell and kneeing down on my side and asking about decoration which he did ?

Farewell was very euphoric with little tears in my eyes how can I stay without you afterwards it stuck to my heart every minute? And then your saying " Mars pe thodi n ja rhe hai, call me or vedio call me I will try to be your side always"

How can I forgot those days?

Anyway, destiny decides to meet us on the last day. Friends do not have "dates ". They have memories. We walk downwards in the lane near a college. I actually will all my due "hak" I asked you to buy an Ice-cream for us. You decided your favourite strawberry. I too decided that one.

Yup! Dosti makes you crazy sometimes. Happily it ends with a drops of tears for aparting.

No, readers it's not the end Real stories are not meant to end happily.

We met again. Yeah, destiny decides us to meet us again.

Same college, same corridor but the Dosti was not same. My level of Dosti went to pure and cannonized form.

It was not just Dosti from my side, he was a kind of family. I started feeling pain on every pain of my dost. I feel bad if he forget his breakfast. I feel tensed if he is not fine.

Once , he was a searching some book in library and not able to get it. He asked me "do I have?". I can't deny to that friend who always helped me. I told him" I will bring for you".

I started asking to my seniors, juniors who has already passed their course from college. Around 25-40 people for that books , I contacted. Unfortunately, I failed to get.

Small things by which you can help your dost is just wonderful. I too thought like that.

But, from his side things were not that same as before. He became busy in his life. Still his good doings and helping me never gave me negative sense towards him . I always try to find things that how can I help him.

He become more attached to other friends.

I felt a kind of ignorance. But, ofcourse his words spoken before were sometime were beautiful. I kept it and said to myself" It's okay, I cant leave his side, I will always be a defending statue in front of him"

My dedication became worship. Yeah another level of friendship.

Things were not that perfect. But ,my positivity was touching highs. I started caring for you more. I try to never meet you barehanded. I always carry gems, centerfresh for you.

Your one gift. Not actually gift. It was just a drinking vessel for everyone but, it was the most beautiful thing for me. When you started going little bit away. I carry that gift everywhere just to tell myself" you are always with me".

Days passed every other girl seems to be your best friend. A gap between us was taking place slowly. There was a time in our friendship where we can't hide anything from each other. The time changed this much. You bought a bike , everyone around was covering you. You haven't told me even you bought it. But, seeing it from far I was happy. People specially girls started going with you on trips. Ofcourse it's a little pain thing for a dost who thought he is her bestie. Then also I was happy atleast I am unique to him.

His squats , badminton listioning to Urdu make me mesmerizing every single day. Every other things which was creating a gap between us. I took it as a challenge in my Dosti. I tried to face it with full enthusiasm.

My crave for playing chess with you, badminton. Every wish you have fulfilled. But, somewhere I lacked something.

Once a girl was sitting next to you. And she told me she had a crush on you.

Listining such things for a dost or I can say more than that was little painful.

I decided I will make him happy. I asked him that we should apart. He said cutely" No, you are my friend . I can't leave"

I too never wanted to leave his beloved friendship. But his happiness and my desire for getting that old friendship back when we use to chatter for long near the balcony made me to ask him number Of times this you always say" you should leave my side and be happy and I won't disturb"

But, always your holding me back made my thought for not aparting from you even stronger. I decided whatever happen happens, we will again make our friendship better. I decided not to expect much and I should be happy on whatever so happening. I won't be too caring as he said that he don't like.

I want to be all that what he expected from a dost.

But, expectation lost its way when I heared you got an accident. I ran towards your home without thinking a while that you don't like this or how his family going to react.I was crying and half dead on hearing that fatal news.

Life seems to stop.

Again, something miserable happen. He became more detached and told me" he can't have close friendship with anyone"

First I was shocked but, then again I accepted.

But, yeah caring and Dosti was never out of space. I try to care for you at every instance same as you did always.

Your little different way of walking make me think that you have some problem or you have pain. I was trying to understand every problem so, I can solve and make him happy as he do always.

My trust was on peak. Nobody can harm it. If people says bad about him. I feel hell. Every sight of you made me euphoric. I decided seeing him happy is happiness. Still the Dosti which gone elevated was with me. I know God has decide something great for our friendship but, not really.

One day, he got to know I am crazy for his friendship from some friends without asking or telling me anything .He told he hate me literally. That was not just the words. It was like somebody teared me harshly into two. May be situations or people saying made him to speak such. I just wanted he should atleast believed our friendship. But, no he believed people that I am running behind him.

But, that was not the case. I started becoming mature about my Dosti. I wanted to make it wonderful so, every one knows our story with respect and affection.

Misinterpretations happens. I know in my deep down my heart you are true always. What shown to me was not like that and what shown to you was not the real.

I got hurt and fully broken.

That was not only because of affection and also because of that sweet yaarana that I got on 11 Feb.

My positivity kneels down. You never talked to me. I expected and trusted that whatever happens you will atleast talk to me or give it a chance to make things fine. Nothing happened like that.

I felt half dead after that. But, let me tell you. I did friendship with the purest soul. I believe you are never wrong. Situations made us separated from a beautiful zone . Friendship is not just a simple thing too. It's to believe on each other every time. And I do...always are still the most awesome person I ever met. Happy friendship day to you dost. One more thing just think my dear dost.

" Do it need to end like this?"

Your friendship had a marked a good print on my heart. May be you think something bad about me now. Later, you will come to know. It was misinterpretations that made us separated. And our friendship ends badly. I will wait for that holy day"

This was a short drable but it took long. So, sorry readers.

I shared this short cute story with you. You can too write to me your story on comment in short.

My message to every dost like mine story character.

I believe you in past, present and in future too.

Your friendship left beautiful lesson, remark on my heart. Stay healthy, happy where ever you are...


Your dost