Hey there, let's talk! You probably do not know me much, but you are reading this, so it connects us in some way.

Whenever I am outside, I see hundreds of strangers, just like anyone else.

I even make eye contact with some and they make with mee too. And sometimes during that I feel, they all want to say something.

The world is judgemental, they will judge you first and see you later.

Go out wearing your favorite dress and just see how people observe you, some while being jealous of your beautiful dress and some thinking "what kind of dress is that?"

It is like, there is a huge discussion going on amongst all of us, just without giving it a voice.

At the gym, when you work out, there are so many other people out there,while some wanna kill you silently because you have been on that machine for quite a long, some start comparing themselves to you. It's like an endless amount of voices going into your head except for the fact that there is no voice.

Well these are my opinion and I am hopeful these are yours too, so here I am sharing them with you, telling you how I think the world is a weird place.

There is this moment that you do not even know one person, and you guys start talking and then there might even come a moment that you cannot imagine living without the same person? Isn't it astonishing to see how the magic works and gives us another reason to live?

The world has always been a very weird place for me to live. We grew up having all these really good friends just to see how bit by bit they get separated from us.

Just when you start trusting someone wholeheartedly, there get chances that you would be betrayed.

Well, I do not believe we get punished for the sins of our previous lives, but I fail to understand how can god be so cruel to some people.

A family meets a car accident and the mother and the father dies in the accident leaving their 15-year-old girl the head of the family to her siblings.

How fair is that?

A flood comes and destroys thousands of lives and homes! A shooting occurs and there is this mass-killing!

Where these things make me sick in my stomach and want to ask God thousands of questions, then I see, the birth of a child in a family, completing the family and giving limitless joy, and so many more relaxing and good things that makes me happy and lucky to have a life.

The world truly is a weird place to live. Don't you think?.