Life works on the principle of selfishness. Everyone wants to fulfil their own motive. Everyone wants their own sake. Every person in this world has two sides or rather called as two faces and we are always acquainted with their good side. But unfortunately, their good side is never genuine.

From the classmates in the schools who talked with us only when they wanted our homework to the colleagues in office who are racing to get their promotion first. It is said that everything has a cost which is so true. If we have taken favour from someone he will never forget and will ask us to return the favour whenever he needed. This is how the world works on principle of “give and take”.

Sometimes I really wonder how can people be so selfish that they give us value only when they needed us, and they will avoid us like we are some kind of virus. This has become a human tendency nowadays. They have stopped caring and loving each other. It seems that no love is remaining in our world.

The people with whome we share everything and we love more than our life, these people will stab you in your back one day for their selfish reasons. Are really those reasons and ego so big that it costs us our loved ones in life?

I really want to confront those people and ask them why they did this. What was my fault to get such selfish people around? Surely everyone does some mistakes, no one is perfect and too good to be true but at least one need to be honest to yourself. If such people are leaving you for their selfish reasons, jealousy or egoism then they are too small in front of you.

All you need is to stop badmouthing and judging others when you don’t know their life story. It is said that “Don’t judge anyone on the basis of the chapter of their life in which you enter when you don’t know the whole story”. Just spread love and happiness around and you no longer need such people to keep you happy. You deserve really better and one day you will get it.