The title seems funny. How can one find oneself?

Do we landed on an alienated land where we are lost?

Yeah, we sometimes lost ourselves in finding others. One says self care isn't selfish. We never acknowledge it. We get busy in the hustle bustle of people, society, family , friends, lovers that we actually forget what we love, what we want.

Our identity becomes a sacrifice or expected personality which other want us to be.

Dear all, we are important to ourselves first. If once we think about our own selflove, it can never be selfish. Sometimes we need to do for ourselves.for example. If i love ice cream with cake and people don't like it. It's okay. You are not born with same flavour

Go buy and enjoy yourself that good because you love it.

Sometimes , we feel ourselves so lonely that we run behind people in order to please them just for the sake of company. Friends, nobody stays for long. Enjoy your company to the fullest. And make your own room of thoughts and your home of love. Create it with happiness. Then invite people as guest. Serve well i.e talk to them, give affection , support but never depend on visitors. Every other person is for a while. Make them happy with your attitude, and your way. Let them go as well.

When you start loving your company and think everyone as guest. You will meet yourself at a beautiful level. The level of mind doesn't need at that time anyone to complete you. So, let's find “me” i.e yourself. Conquer yourself first than success and life will become easy to grasp.

Love your self when you find your inner”me”.