It’s important to know your value in this one precious life we got. Well, by worth I do not mean money worth. What I meant was about your dignity and the importance of your presence in someone’s life.

It’s unfair when some people give so much to others and get only insult or heartbreak in return. Today, people only remember you when they need someone to be by their side, especially in times of difficulty. That’s just wrong.

We should maintain distance from such a negative kind of people. They only hurt us, either physically or mentally.

Well, what only matters, in the end, is just YOU.

Everyone in this world is different, but every individual is worthy and valuable in their own ways. One should be kind to people but only enough when they know they aren’t getting used. The value does not depend on how you look or how you dress yourself up. The value is inner beauty. Your worthiness is how much good of a person you are by heart.

People who help others for nothing but love are the ones who deserve all the happiness in this world.

Today, this place is full of people who are cruel and rude to anyone. Even if someone is helping anyone they are always seeking what they are getting in return. It’s difficult to find one soul that cares about someone’s happiness.

And it’s not a shame to help anyone and not demand for profit or returns. These people are just angels on earth.