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Everything feels like an integral part of our lives now. Due to many revolutions in the field of technology, Science has carved the unimaginable world into reality and something which people wouldn't have imagined a few decades ago, has become a necessity in our day-to-day lives.

Be it socializing or posting photos about our current trip, having a video call with our loved ones hundreds of miles away or to send a streak on Snapchat, everything is done in no time, with just a blink of eye, all thanks to the SMART apps and high speed internet.

But everything has its pros and cons. So is Social media full of only pros or does it have some cons also, which we people are unable to figure out when contrasted to the glittering benefits that it provides us?

The world has become internet oriented and anyone who is not connected to internet, or we can say, is simply not interested, that person becomes a bunch of jokes for his so-called friends or colleagues who refer to him/her as OUTDATED and that person even feels like an outcast within their own circle.

Bullying - A form of torture or harassment is also prevalent on these Social Networking sites and people take no time in trolling someone, and the very next day, it becomes National level Meme material.

Though, I agree that Sharing means Caring, but it is not completely true in the case of social media.

Here, sharing has various categories under it and it depends that what sort of content you are sharing with your online friends.

Someone's private or intimate images are at extreme risk and if by any means, they get into the wrong hands, then God forbid, their reputation will be tarnished in a fraction of seconds, which generally results in blackmailing and extortion.

And in some cases, it even claims the life of the victim who can not face such shame and consider themselves as a blot on their family.

Even at some GOOD websites and apps (though none of them are too good to be trusted blindly), the data of people gets leaked and their sensitive information is put at stake.

People also have to face a lot of backlash for sharing and standing for their views, from some polarized people who feel that their ideologies are in danger and from hurling abuses to them publicly to posting dirty comments on their posts or even giving them threat calls, these people make sure that their victim starts to hallucinate from their threats and becomes more or less like Juhi Chawla of Dar.

Internet is for everyone, not for a specific community or group. If these people are so insecure about others posting their personal views and opinions, it would be highly appreciated if they would construct their own network for communication purposes or even buy a walkie talkie so that others can take a sigh of relief.

Finally, the Internet is there to make the best use of it and if anyone tries to bully you on Internet, make sure to take strict actions against that person and such thing is only possible if people know about their Rights.

Stay Alert, Stay Safe...