How many times do we even think about inner peace? Chances are between those deadlines and buying that new dress, we don’t. Inner peace is what keeps us going when everything around us doesn’t. It is not only to keep depression and anxiety at bay, it is also to ensure that you are after all successful. Success has a fun way to following people who have found the secret to a more balanced and peaceful inner self. If you still haven’t found yours, then these eight secrets might help you find


Secret #1
Secret one is having you’re an open mind which is attached to nothing around it. The one thing that makes us miserable is the need to possess people, things and almost everything that comes our way. We spend time trying to win at all costs and making sure that others look up to us as a superior. But in the process of it, you can’t keep the misery away from yourself. What does keep the misery at bay, is not attaching yourself to anything. Learn to appreciate and attach yourself, which is exactly what an open mind does for you.

The second secret is not to let the music die inside of you. No, not all of you have to become singers, what I mean by music is the urge to take risks and the courage to follow your instincts. Remember life is too short. You barely have time on Earth and you need to make sure you use it wisely, doing things you actually love and want to leave a mark on. Find out that one thing that moves you and let it engulf you.

You can’t give what you don’t even have. Out thought are like signals we send out to the world, the better the signals the better response we get back. If your thoughts are tuned in the line of more harmony, peace, love and happiness, you are bound to receive more and more of the same. Same goes for having negative and self-deteriorating thoughts. The third secret is the key to live a happy life and ensure that you give as much as you take.

We don’t spend time doing nothing anymore. We are running from one deadline to the next, even without stopping to ask ourselves why. The key is to stop running sometimes and embrace the silence. Silence is what reduces fatigue and helps us to get our creative juices flowing again. No matter how hard life gets, you need to make sure you take out time, simply to embrace the silence, if not anything else.

This one is when you feel that someone else is sitting in your car, in the driver’s seat. Holding grudges and resentments are about you not about the other person. The longer you hold on to these negative feelings, the more you let other manipulate your emotional life. No matter how important that person is, you can’t let anymore take control of your emotions and life. Let go of crappy grudges and resentments that are not worth your time.