Do visible hands unknown to most of the world have such great powers they can engineer revolutions or manipulate economic crises.

Are some of these people are hardly humans, reptiles disguised as royals and nobility?

Some people think so, telling us that behind many world-changing events there is a secret society playing Puppet Master. Perhaps the first of these secret societies are Knights Templar, an organization of not just brave Knights, but a powerful coalition of men that founded towns in England and other parts of Europe held considerable political power and were heavily involved in banking.

Were they the precursor to the Freemasons, the ritualistic the secret society founded in London in 1717?

Are we still at the mercy of many rich men that go about their business in secret?

Let’s start with the history of Illuminati and what generally believed to be the truth about that group of people- people that did for exist and were part of the secret organization called The Illuminati. The first secret society going by the name was Bavarian Illuminati. This was a group of men led by Adam Weishaupt, a professor of Bavaria, who believed for the most part that religion and some social ideas were outdated and that society needed to illuminated the new ideas.

He already has an interest in secret societies such as freemasons but decided to create a society of his own. This was very different from what we think of when we hear Illuminati today.

Weishaupt wrote that his secret society was to support freedom from all religious prejudices; cultivates the social virtues, and animated them by a great speedy prospect of universal happiness.

To join his secret society, you needed approval from another member, have wealth, and also have strong social connections. By 1784, it’s thought there were around 2-3000 members, made up mostly of intellectuals, noblemen, doctors, and politicians. Each member was given a secret name related to antiquity.

But the real question is;

How did that secret society become Illuminati that is proposed as real by today’s conspiracy theorists?

The general idea is that there is the most powerful group, made up of mostly men but some women, that have considerable wealth and strong social and political influences. Rather than expounding ideas relating to enlightenment, the current fear that is expressed is concerning the Illuminati is that it supports a New World Order, population controls sometimes by means of spreading diseases, and may even have a secret space program.

We have much more down to earth theories regarding the secret societies and their existence and we don’t always agree on what they do or what goals they represent?

One such group is the Bilderberg Group

The group’s members do organize themselves under the “Chatham House Rule”, meaning attendees should not discuss who said what at their yearly meetings. The name of the attendees is not kept secret. This group states it only discusses world issues and mega-trends, but others think differently. Some people state that attendees to these meetings include bankers, prime ministers, and former heads of CIA and MI6. It is always believed that there is something ominous behind this group.

Does this mean a powerful global conspiracy?

Perhaps the idea of the New World Order is not so surprising. It’s just how you define the order.