Success Is A Journey Not A Destination!

Kajal Singh
Aug 27, 2020   •  83 views

Success is journey not a destination, the metaphor define itself that we should see our success in fulfilment of our goals and follow the path. We should not stop ourselves once we achieve the success, rather we need to keep doing hard work continuously even after achieving our goals so that we should keep on achieving higher goals.

Trust in yourself is the secret of success. Our greatest weakness lies within us that is giving up. Your success and happiness is more in you. If success is not with you, you should go after the success. It is like success will never come to your lap or feet by herself but you need to work hard in order to achieve success. Don't wait for the opportunity, just make it. Self-confidence and hard work will always earn you a great success. As nothing is impossible for believers. The key to success is to focus on goals, not the obstacles.

Our most profitable lessons are learnt from our failures itself, not from success; as we learn from our mistakes. There is no lift for success, you have to take the stairs; which meant there is no shortcut for success, you have to work hard. And if there is short cut then keep in mind that it is for very short run not for long run.

We must lose our fears of being wrong in order to live a creative life. Everybody have theur desires, infact everyone has dreams, but success comes to those who act; take action, make plans, implement them in order to achieve the success they dreamt and desired for.

Success involves never making mistakes but never make another at same time. The pain you are feeling today, that will become your strength tomorrow, time heals. Success is not about wealth, power and fame but about knowledge and perfection. All things you need will come to you at right time. The first and important step towards success is feeling that work hard in silence, success will make noise.

Only those who dare to fail a lot, can achieve a lot at any time. Success doesn't lie in results, but in efforts. Being the best is not so important that the best is all that matters. Success never fails to them who get up every time they fail. Your success is measured by your desires, the shape of your dreams and how you handle the disappointment along the way. Don't let people know about your plans but show them through your results.

You need to see your goals, understand the barriers, draw a positive mental picture, embrace the challenge, and keep the world on track. A loser in the field can win again, but a lost person can never win.

Once you accept the success as destination, your growth becomes stagnant. Because of that you will not able to see better opportunity if you become stagnant. I personally believe being consistently successful is a key to everything in one's life.