A Way Of Envisioning A Better Life !

Arun Kumar
Jan 23, 2021   •  27 views

1) Confused life:- Confusion is sometimes between what you want to study or do and to choose between yourself and others. Do not overthink and Don’t let it overwhelm you. Your choices will remain with you in eternity . It doesn’t matter which crossroad you are standing on, you will always have options in front of you which persuade a huge confusion but don’t let it take you. Embrace your confusion and go with what feels right for you.

2) Nothing is permanent:- No one is permanent. Your best friend whos is your confidant may also leave, for all these you are entitled to grieve. Everybody leaves as they all live in their own timeline but eventually you must let yourself to heal your wounds and pull yourself in your timeline.

3) You are the hero:- Everyone has their own problems. Others will listen to you and boost you when you are in distress , but if you don’t intend to make efforts you will reside in your misery forever. It gets difficult and you many have a downturn once you start combating the bad things just look back at your progress and be your own inspiration. Don’t let the time and your silly reasons stop you from being the best version of yourself.

4) Be selfless and selfish:- People generally helps you with the intent of encashing them later. So be aware of their intentions as people take advantage but make sure you do something for them out of your goodness. Don’t let any one’s opinions put you under confusion you have nothing to do with that. You are living for yourself first. Go out sometimes to put smile on someone’s face.

5) Social media influence:- The social media is really vast you can find anything you want. Do not let the internet turn you into a materialist. Show your goals not your assets.

6) Someone better than you:- There will always be someone better than you no matter what field or role you are in. It is not that you didn’t give your best , it is just not your day. It is not always possible to be the best. Remember you are your competition.

7) Don’t try to control:- Don’t try to be in control of everything which puts you under a lot of stress. Avoid such and allow yourself to take a break and restore and let things happen in natural. When things don’t go as you planned don’t panic and break yourself. Just assure yourself that it is the effort that counts.

8) Work on your personality and not your looks, live in the moment and not in your imagination.