The Mouth Watering Lanes Having Famous Food Of Delhi, Paratha Gali To Jama Masjid

Alefiya Baramatiwala
Sep 27, 2019   •  48 views

As we know, Delhi is the capital city of India having a population of about 11 million and it is the second largest populated city in India after Mumbai. With such a population, the food habits of people in Deli is unique and different for different regions in Delhi but most common is the Mughlai cuisine which has been followed from year there. But with new trends and inventions the Delhi cuisine is much more updated and have some delicious delicacies which eaten once couldn’t be resisted to have more.

The streets of Delhi will give you a warming pleasure with the following 10 delicacies:

Delhi has very interesting streets to have a treat of mouth-watering food of different kinds. There are places like Chandni Chowk, Paranthe Wali Gali, Jama Masjid, Karol Baug, PaharGanj, and more which are the best places to eat. The food there tempts so much that it feels to try every shop/stall. But as you have a small stomach and less time as a visitor check out which food you can try on the streets of Delhi.

1. Rolls

The famous Kathi rolls which yes could not be denied has its origin in Kolkata but it was given new variations in Delhi. It is made up of different stuffing and could be vegetarian or non-vegetarian having meat or chicken along with some healthy vegetables. The stuffing is rolled in a soft and fresh paratha which converts it in a delicious roll and it is served hot with chutney that feels like heaven.


Rolls- Source: Make My Trip

2. Parathas

No doubt people in Delhi loves to eat parathas may as a healthy breakfast or as a hunger options during lunch or as a tempting late night snack. Paratha are always in the top list of the busy Delhiites and as they are also so delicious that no one can avoid.

The tourists can try parathas with stuffing of aloo, peas, mutton, chicken and there are also some unique paranthas available like the special Jaipuri paratha.

3. Chaat

The people who visit Delhi often or for the first time chaat is something which they should not afford to miss. The unmatched flavors of the street chaats is just worth taking out a special time to enjoy the treat. The famous Chandni Chowk has the best chaat stall to enjoy.


Chaat- Source: Sunset Magazine

4. Butter chicken

The cooks of Moti Mahal in Delhi in the year 1950 invented this tremendous dish while making tandoori chicken. They twisted some sauces with butter, tomato, and other juices which resulted into butter chicken and it was the day and till date people love to have butter chicken in their menu while ordering something good to eat.

5. Momos

Momos are a kind of South Asian dumplings which are steamed not cooked or fried. It is available in Delhi very commonly down the streets or near the houses and offices. It a good snack which is healthy to eat and come in vegetarian or non-vegetarian varieties.


Momos- Source: The Terrace Kitchen

6. Kebabs

Kebabs are the minced form of meat which people love to have as a starter. It can also be eaten with pav or bread but the people in Delhi like them to eat with chutney or sauce. The kebabs in delhi are really different than that found at your place or in other cities because of the unique spices and a different preparation method. Surely try them to know the difference if you ever happen to visit Delhi.

7. Nihari

This dish is made on slow flame for a long time and it is a dish full of shanks and spices and tastes delicious. There a few places where people cook Nihari the whole night and then served in the morning for a rich and special taste. People in Delhi are quite fond of it and it tastes best with a naan. You can find nihari in Old Delhi

8. Biryani

Biryani! The yellowish ric with the pieces of meat or chicken, yummy! Isn’t it? This is a dish which was the mughal’s favorite and so is of now of the Delhiites. There are many restaurants in delhi serving the best biryani . This supreme dish is cooked in an earthen pot and a dough is used to seal the lid so that the aromas and the species are soaked in it.


Biryani- Source: Bong Eats

9. Chole bhature

Not just the Punjabi cuisine but the delhi cuisine also have the best chola bhatura found in different places. It is made of chana and the bhatura is made of maida and curd. It is too yummy when it is served puffed, fluffy, and hot.

10. Desserts

The streets of delhi also have some special desserts for you in which the famous kulfi is enjoyed by every visitor. The hot jalebie and the lip smacking falooda is also counted in the most favorable desserts of Delhi.

Your visit to Delhi could not be completed until you try these dishes and taste the uniqueness of the Delhi cuisine.