The Great Punjabi Cuisine The- Pride Of India In Other Countries

Alefiya Baramatiwala
Sep 24, 2019   •  36 views

The Punjabi cuisine has most popular butterly flavors in its dishes and the different types of amazing spices which you would have not known. It includes both dishes made up of meat and vegetables and the well-liked one among all is sarson da saag and Makki ki roti.


Sarson Da Saag- Source: Holidify

The staple food of Punjabis includes wheat, rice, and dairy products which are also produced majorly in the areas of Punjab. The Punjab state is the one in India which has the capita rating highest for using dairy products.

Along with dairy products, Punjab has its name around the globe because of its world-class dishes, bread, sweets, and more. The cooking style of Punjab is also something different in some of the villages where the traditional wood-fire, masonry, and tandoor are used to cook the food. The tandoori cooking which came into existence was first the tradition of Punjab, which then got influenced by many regions in India.

If you ever happen to make a trip somewhere in Punjab then you must try the following things in the given categories in your different meals.

The Known dishes of Punjab

Being a prosperous state of India Punjab evidence its prosperity in every morsel it has provided to the Indian cuisine. No doubt that it has also gained much popularity worldwide as well because of its unmatched combination of spices and special recipes.


As Punjab is a big state it has different regions and depending on them some of the food habits are differential. The most common ones are:

  • Chana masala

  • Paratha with curd

  • Halwa puri

  • Lassi

  • Dahi vada

  • Aloo paratha with butter

  • Gobi paratha

  • Paneer paratha


Dahi Vada- Source: Times Food


To have a great meal in Punjab there are many different pieces of bread which you can try with different gravies. Most people in Punjab are fond of Rotis and they make a variety of them. in their daily meals, they have raised pieces of bread also known as khamiri roti. To make the bread more healthy some people also add sunflower seeds and flax seeds and make them in various ways to make them tastier than the normal ones. Some of the pieces of bread which you could order in your menu are:

  • Tandoori roti

  • Kulcha

  • Lachcha Paratha

  • Jowar ki roti

  • Makki di roti

  • Bajre ki roti

  • Deep-fried bread

  • Variety of papar


Kulcha- Source: Veg Recipes Of India


When we talk about a meal there are always two options that are vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. The Punjabi cuisine also comprises of both and has touched the heart of every person who got a chance to taste them.


Khichdi -the simplest and consumed much by the Punjabis. It is made up of rice, mung daal, lentils, millet flour, and moth lentils. People in different places of Punjab eat various types of Khichdi made up of different ingredients. Different varieties of legumes including pigeon peas, chickpeas, red kidney beans, and more are consumed in Punjab. Out of all Rajma Chawal is the most likely one. Counting other dishes which got a high demand by the people is:

  • Saag

  • Daal makhani

  • Punjabi paneer

  • Paneer tikka

  • Panjiri

  • Chole bhature


Daal Makhani- Source: Holidify


The king of all the types of Punjabi non-vegetarian dishes is butter chicken. Our mouth starts watering the moment we hear about this awesome dish of Punjab. The other dishes are made of lamb and goat as well which are the most common meat sources of Punjab. While some of the most delicious recipes of Punjabi cuisine can be listed as follows:

  • Biryani

  • Kebab

  • Kheema

  • Chami kebab

  • Tandoori chicken

  • Rogan Josh

  • Bhuna gosht


Butter Chicken- Source: Holidify

As Punjab is water locked from all sides there are not marine fish available there but people do eat rohu, catfish, carp, thela machi, and tilapia.

Sweets and deserts

Your holidays in Punjab with the famous temple in Amritsar to Jallianwala Baug will be much amazing with the yummiest sweets and desserts. Pnni is the most delicious dish in which you can fall in love and the best dessert in winters. You can taste some of these dishes to get to know how the Punjabis make their sweets stand different from all other Indian sweets.

  • Kheer

  • Kulfi

  • Malpua

  • Rabri

  • Sheer korma


Pinni- Source: Holidify


There are certain delicacies which are included in the snacks of the Punjabi cuisine which are toasted grains, sattu, and samosa's. these three are the most known snacks while there any other snacks which the Punjabi's try with a masala chai to get a healthy solution for their hunger.

The Punjabi's denotes all their love, care, and efforts in preparing their foods and cook in the style that makes each dish have its charm. The Punjabis in all parts of India make their food with the same dedication and therefore missing a Punjabi dish while in a restaurant or anywhere will be a bad option.