Kashmiri Cuisine: Adding New Taste And Richness To Food And Its Making

Alefiya Baramatiwala
Sep 21, 2019   •  99 views

The place known as Kashmir valley in India has its unique food culture and trends which together makes a Kashmiri cuisine. Since ancient times, rice is the staple food of the people living there. And in most of the occasions and ceremonies, meat and rice is something which the people there in Kashmir prefer the most in their meals. And it is also said the Hindu's there in spite of being Brahman loves to eat meat in the form of various delicious dishes.

Kashmir Valley

Kashmir Valley- Source: Zoomcar

Fish, chicken, and healthy vegetables are also given preference in daily food by the Kashmiris and it has been also known that the most tourists liked the vegetarian food as well along with some of the famous non-vegetarian dishes.

Let us see what makes Kashmiri cuisine so special?

1. Matschgand

The aroma of this dish itself is so tempting that it makes your taste buds go crazy. This dish is something for the meat-eaters. For finding the gluttony side of yours you can surely try this dish and a visit to Kashmir will be remembered for a lifetime.

It is made up of finely minced mutton, some exotic flavors of Kashmiri spices, pure desi ghee, and garnished with mint and coriander leaf which gives it a mouth-watering look.

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Matschgand- Source: Twitter

Modur pulao is a form of rice sweetened by using milk, sugar, saffron, ghee, and cinnamon. It is said to be a special type of Kashmiri rice which you will have surely not eaten anywhere. This is a very healthy dish which gets its taste and flavor from saffron which is the primary ingredient for this special pulao.

The saffron used is grown in Kashmir only which adds a true flavor of Kashmiri spices to this dish. Trying one plate for your lunch or dinner will give you a healthy meal and at the end left hankering for some more.

3. Kashmiri Muji Gaad

this dish is something different which is made up of fish and radish/nadur as the main ingredients. This dish is specially made on occasions and festivals.Kashmiri Muji Gaad is an amalgamation of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items as it is made up of fish and radish while at the same time lotus stems are added to give this dish an amazing taste. if you have a visit to Kashmir in the season of kashmiri festivals then you can find this dish at many restaurants as well as homes in Kashmir.

Muji Gaad, Kashmiri food

Kashmiri Muji Gaad- Source: Holidify

4. Goshtaba

Another traditional and famous food in Kashmir is Gashtaba made up of minced mutton. The meat used in this recipe is cooked with gravy made up of yogurt and some delicious flavoring spices. It is known as a royal dish by its ingredients, taste, and texture. If you are trying Goshtaba you need to plan a dieting soon as your appetite going to hunger for more.

5. Dum-Olav

This dish proves that there is something special for the true veggies to eat in Kashmir besides all the non-vegetarian dishes. The main content of this dish is potato, ginger powder, and fennel and rest the unmatched spices of Kashmir is the heart of every dish. You can easily satisfy your empty stomach with dum-Olav and hot chapatis with it.

Dum aloo, kashmiri food and cuisine

Dum Olav- source: Holidify

Hot beverages

A cold place like Kashmir makes you feel comfortable with its hot beverages. Mostly available at all the places you visit as Kashmiris are pure drinkers of tea. And without kawah and sheer chai, the Kashmiri cuisine is just incomplete.


This beverage available in Kashmir is the most famous one ad served in different religious places and also in festivals and feasts like marriage and other ceremonies. If you ever had a heavy meal in Kashmir then kawah will surely help you to digest the food easily so have it after your meal for good digestion.

This special Kashmiri chai is blended with cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and also almonds. Kwah is a very unique and different tea which gives the people of Kashmir a complete quench from thirst.

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Kawah- Source: Twitter

Noon chai

Again Kashmiri cuisine brings something new for you; Noon Chai where Noon is a word stands for salt in the Kashmiri language. In large samovars, this tea is served best and liked by everyone. This tea is somewhat pink in color due to its different preparation method and the mixture of soda in it. This tea is a must-try for tasting the uniqueness of Kashmiri cuisine.

So it can be seen that this is just a glance of Kashmiri cuisine while it has much more for you to enjoy food along with the heavenly atmosphere around.