Indian Desserts Recipes For Your Special Occasions

Alefiya Baramatiwala
Sep 30, 2019   •  35 views

India is a state of culture and diversity and a state which are fond of sweets and desserts. No occasions could be completed without desserts made up of sugar and lots of ghee. Adding, the richness it gives to the making of these desserts is just irresistible to avoid. The textures and the aromas are so tempting that even you are on a strict diet it feels to do a heavy workout later and just enjoy the scrumptious desserts.

So here are also some of the super delicious desserts which will surely make you mouth-watering:

1. Rasgulla

From an adult to a child everyone enjoys these small balls of happiness. Rasgulla is made up of curdling milk and cooked in sugar syrup for a long time to make them spongy and soft. When you take a rasgulla in your hand it is juicy and shrinks when you squeeze it, people just love eating rasgulla after their meal to give their taste buds an immense pleasure.

2. Rabri

A traditional North Indian dish that is prepared using milk is liked by one and all on your table. This sweet has layers of malai and cream in it which is thickened by cooking milk with other ingredients. As tasty this dish is as much longer it takes to be cooked.


Rabri- Source: Yummy Food Recipes

3. Sandesh

Bengal is the most famous place having delicious sandesh of various varieties. People whoever visits Bengal never forgets the taste and flavors of sandesh they eat there. Sandes is made up of milk and sugar while some of its recipes use paneer instead of the milk. Each variety of sandesh has amazing taste and texture which everyone can enjoy

4. Rasmalia

It's again a Bengali dish which is also on the top list of the sweets one would love to have in Bengal. Not only in Bengal but in other places of India as well people love to have rasmalai in their desserts. Some people call it a cheesecake but without a crust. it is similar to rasgulla but the only difference is instead of using sugar syrup milk is used to dip the dunken.

5. Barfi

Barfi! Some people are just a diehard fan of this famous dessert. This dish is made up of dense milk which is cooked and then poured in a tray to make it cool and cut into square pieces.


Barfi- Source: Aarti Madan

6. Mysore paak

Karnatak is the place where Mysore paak was invented. Its ingredients include ghee, sugar, gram flour, and cardamom. This dessert recipe is quite popular and it is made on special occasions in India. It is impossible to have just a bite of this dessert as you will always ask for more.

7. Kheer

Kheer is a luxurious food which is much liked and made in many homes in India. It can be made up of rice or rawa which is mixed with milk and sugar to get cooked and acquire a tempting taste.

8. Gajar ka halwa

This dish as the name suggests is a carrot-based sweet dish which is much liked in winters by the Indians. Its recipe is quite simple where only carrots are grated and cooked with milk, sugar, and water. The people in India find it as the best dessert to eat after the meal.


Gajar Ka Halwa- Source: Parul Ki Recipes

9. laddu

Nothing but the laddus has a very special place in the heart of every Indian and a celebration is just incomplete without it. It gets its name from "lattika" that is a Sanskrit word and made up of ghee, flour, nuts, and other ingredients varying from its making and recipes.

10. Malpua

Malpua that is a dessert and even a snack which tastes best when served hot. It was found in Nepal and Bangladesh and today in many regions people enjoy it as an appealing dessert to satisfy their hunger.

11. Peda

When a student passes an exam successful or someone gets a new job or starts a new business it is peda which adds more sweetness in their happiness. In India, big success is celebrated by distributing this sweet among your friends and family and people love to enjoy this khoa based semi-soft pieces having a yummy taste.


Peda- Source: The Pinch Of Taste

12. Modak

People in many parts of India love to have modak and mostly prepare it at home during festivals. They are different from other desserts and has a unique filling of coconut and jaggery besides the outer cover is made up of the rice flour.

13. Phirni petha

Ground rice and mile is used to prepare this super delicious dish and it is mostly the famous one in North India. It has its tempting flavor by saffron, rose essence, and cardamom and a beautiful texture with the nuts decorated above. Phirni is served in Kulhad which are nothing but earthen pots.

14. Gulab jamun

Gulab jamun is made in most of the houses which is a very common and classic dessert for the Indians. Some of the special occasion and even the festivals are incomplete without Gulab jamun. It is a dunkin dipped in rose flavored sugar syrup which gives it a name as Gulab Jamun.


Gulab Jamun- Source: Swathi’s Recipes

15. shrikhand

Shrikhand is a sweet dish which is made up of strained curd. Who doesn't want to have this dessert after their meals which are such a pleasure to it? And not only is it delicious but also contains pectin and other enzymes that help in eliminating the unwanted food particles.

People of all ages love to eat desserts and as they are available in so many varieties you can try any which is your favorite one and get rid of all the stress because when you flip ‘stressed' it becomes "desserts."