India is well known for its culture and tradition and food. Yes, India has various types of food with different tastes and spices. Mostly every state in India has some of their own specialty. So In this article, I will tell you about some of the best dishes from Indian cuisine.

So let’s get started :

  1. CHAAT: The most loved food chaat includes gol-gappas, Aaloo Tikki, bhelpuri,sevpuri, Dahi-bhalle . They are decorated with some sweet and spicy chutney. When you put it into your mouth it will be a burst of flavors in your mouth. In Delhi, you can have some of the best chaats.

  2. Hyderabadi Biryani: Biryani is loved by people in India and also outside the country. But Hyderabadi biryani is something special. It came from Mughals and from there it is still the best of the delicacy.

  1. DOSA: Dosa is one of the best dishes from southern India. It is of different types like masala dosa, paper dosa, pizza dosa and many more. It is served with sambhar and some coconut chutney. It is so rich in flavors. You must try this once.

  1. VADA PAV: It is a famous street food from Maharashtra. A bun is filled with aloo Tikki spices and is served with green chili. Many people love having it as snack also it is very reasonable in price in the streets of Maharashtra.

  1. MAKKE DI ROTI WITH SARSO KA SAAG: Okay so this is one of the most famous dishes from Punjab. In every Punjabi household, this is a loved dish. It is served with lots of butter. Everyone must try this flavourful dish and you will fall in love with it.