Delhi has a lot to enjoy and just let yourself be swayed by its beauty, culture, and aura. There are various things to do in Delhi, such as sightseeing, shopping, eating and finally visiting the famous water parks to beat the heat. So above I have already mentioned points of attraction in Delhi and it's major tourist attractions. Now I'll be discussing the other things you can do while you are in Delhi.

1) Eating out 


Delhi has so much to eat and get along with, there are many kinds of food to eat like Pani Puri, Chole Bhature, Pav Bhaji etc, and these shops are situated near the markets only, so that when you are hungry while shopping, you can always grab a bite there. There are several Gurudwaras where they either provide Prasad or Food for which people don't have to pay.

2) Water parks 


There are many Water parks in Delhi, some are parts of resorts and others are just waterparks with rides. Just Chill, Splash, Fun N Food Village, Jurassic Park Inn, Worlds of wonder and Appu Ghar. You can choose whichever one to visit, just make sure that most of these close around 6 to 7 in the evening.

3) Spa treats 


This one is specially on my things to do list in Delhi. It's long time doing shopping, eating and just hanging around with friends, now when you are in need of relaxation these spa in Delhi are just for you. There are many spa's and one can choose whichever they want such as Imperial Spa and Salon, Espa at the Leela palace, Aheli Spa, AAYNA etc.

Delhi Nearest tourist places - There are many nearby tourists places around Delhi to visit. A few of them I'm listing below. These are more like weekend gateways for people. However once you reach either Uttrakhand or Himachal Pradesh there are just so many places situated very close to each other and that is why these places have become a major tourist spot, but one must remember that during the weekends they are very popular and crowded. In the Himalayan foothills is Rishikesh and only 45 kms away is Dehradun and from Dehradun another location Mussoorie is just 30 kms away.

 Chandigarh- It is the joint capital of Punjab and Haryana. It is India's first planned city. It is known for its very beautiful Rose garden and Rock garden. It's around 260 Km's from Delhi. A flight would take around 2-3 three hours. However there are various buses and trains available. Infact even by car it hardly takes four hours and hence this is the nearest tourist spot to Delhi. It is also famous for it's local Dhaba food.