Ahmedabad Is A Lovely Place To Visit And Its Cuisine Is Another Plus Point Of It

Alefiya Baramatiwala
Oct 04, 2019   •  43 views

Besides being the most populated, the capital city, economic hub, and industrial center, the other most important specialty of Ahmedabad is its cuisine. The tempting dishes are just amazing to eat and it is all result of their preparation efforts with every minute detail.

Ahmedabad cuisine generally consists of vegetarian dishes however the restaurants do have mouth-watering non-vegetarian dishes as well. There is a peculiar taste in the dishes of Ahmedabad that are depicted from the Gujarati style cooking which makes their food more delicious.

Some people who often visit Ahmadabad say that this city is a paradise for food enthusiast and once in life if you visit Ahmedabad trying a Gujarati Thali is a must. Their flavors are unique and taste different in every food item plus the aromas are just irresistible to avoid eating the food completely.

The Ahmedabad meals are one which usually comprises rice which is their staple food but they also like bread, roti, and vegetable gravy known as ‘shaak'. When you get to try the cuisine of Ahmadabad you can then get to know that it is a true blend of scrumptious flavors that will make you fall in love with it.

Different meals of Ahmedabad


Most of the cities in Ahmadabad are known for their predominant vegetarian breakfast dishes. With a good and healthy breakfast engaged with authentic and traditional Gujarati dishes is just what a Gujju needs for an energetic and happy day. The foodie in you can just burst out with hunger with each of its tempting aromas and savory snacks that are unique from all other Indian breakfast dishes.

Counting some of the delicacies of Ahmedabad included in the breakfast:

  • Fafda

  • khandvi

  • dhokla

  • khaman

  • handvo

  • khichu

  • batata pauva


Dhokla- Source; Dineout


The only thing which defines the richness and the uniqueness of a city is its food and when Ahmadabad is said to be the "Food Paradise" it tells us how unique and delicious are the meals over there. A visit to Ahmadabad for a business meeting or vacations its cuisine have everything to satisfy each of the demand of the visitors.

There is a place called bhatiyar gali which has amazing food to satisfy your need for a tempting meal. And it is said to have the best biryani to be found in Ahmadabad. The foodies must visit this place to know that this city is not just for vegetarians but also for all the non-vegetarians as well.

The Ahmadabad meals comprise of the following delicacies:

  • chicken 65

  • Chicken Tikka Masala

  • Chinese Sizzler

  • Spinach Ricotta

  • Kathyawadi salad

  • Mexican chilly potato

  • Chicken pizza

  • Ahmadabadi thali

  • Shahi Paneer

  • Corn Biryani


Mexican chilli potato- Source: Indian Times


we all know the famous names for the Gujju snacks that are thepla, fafda, and more. And they are famous for their mouth-watering taste and the unmatched flavors. Gujju in Ahmedabad are fond of different Gujarati snacks and you also can never say no to their ‘Nashto' if you ever get offered.

The streets of Ahmadabad are also full of refreshing and appealing snacks that are much reasonable to eat and will not burn your pockets. This city is always appreciated by its preparation techniques and the serving styles. There are amazing places in Ahmedabad to satisfy an evening snack hunger and get some real enjoyment to your taste buds.

Check out the following list to see what things you can enjoy on the streets of Ahmedabad:

  • Mutton Samosa

  • Pani puri

  • Chai and Maska bun

  • Dalvada

  • Paratha

  • Momos

  • Pav bhaji

  • Bhajiya

  • Jalebi

  • Chicken tandoori

  • Sev puri


Jalebi- Source: Holidify

The list tells us there are the most common food items found there but the taste is the things which make these dishes stand different from others. They are just unavoidable and the aromas are so pleased you just wish to visit the streets of Ahmedabad again and again.


As you must be familiar that Ahmadabad is a ‘dry-city' and therefore people have many options to say cheers with some of the varieties of delightful drinks. You may have masala chaas or different milkshakes to quench your thirst or to lubricate conversation. Ahmedabad gives you many options when it comes to beverages.

Let us see some of the most likely beverages of Ahmedabad:

  • Chaas

  • Shikanji aperitifs

  • Beer fizzy masala soda

  • Cocktail mimicry

  • Cold cocoa


Cocktail Mimicry- Source: Suttlestock

And there are many other beverages including tea and coffee which are also quite famous in Ahmedabad. These drinks can be easily available to you at different places and you can enjoy them while having a tour in different visiting spots.

Food is the best part of the visit to Ahmedabad and you should not miss it while you ever get a chance to have it.