Day 1

Date: 15th February 2021


Today is the first day of my 1 month transformation and honestly it could have gone better. These blogs are about 100% honesty and no bullshitting so I’ll openly admit that I overslept and missed my morning cardio and legs session. However, it wasn’t all bad. Yes, I did miss the cardio session but I did make time to finish my leg workout. The evening workout was pretty solid. I completed 45km on the cycle with medium resistance (I didn’t want to push too much as I’m doing this after a break) along with a lower ab workout. These are today's workouts:

Leg workout:

  • Open and closed squats

  • Stationary curtsy lunges

  • Lunges

  • Wall sit

  • Duck Walk

Lower Ab workout:

  • Lying leg raises

  • Flutter kicks

  • V sit crunches

  • Alternate leg raises

  • V sit 


Now I know there are other high intensity exercises and generally I would prefer them but they require a lot more movement like jumping and quick movements. As of now I can’t do those so as to not strain my shoulder. However, I shall be trying to get back to doing those over the next few weeks or so. I did the leg workouts for 45seconds on, 15 seconds off and for 3 rounds and the abs only for 1 round. I wanted to go 3 but my mind and body both decided to bail on me. Along with the workouts, I also have been working on my shoulder by doing some pendulum movements, front-back movements and sidewards movements to improve on my mobility.


Now coming to the nutrition aspect here’s my meal breakdown for the day. 

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs (140 calories)

Lunch: Cauliflower Pizza (372 calories)

Snacks: Nitrotech whey protein (240 calories) 

Before you snap at me asking me how pizza is healthy, I have a healthy twist to it. I don’t use wheat or maida but instead I make the bread out of cauliflower which reduces the calorie count. Cauliflower has about 18 calories for much I use (70g). I add paneer and cheese as the toppings and they are very rich in fats. Since I’m sticking to a low carb diet, I use fats as the primary energy source for my body. 

Macros Breakdown: 

Carbohydrates:15g (8%)

Protein:81g (46%)

Fats: 37g (46%) 

Total calories in - 740

Total calories burnt- 3,800 as of 10:30pm but I suppose it will increase by another 100 to 200 more so roughly about 4000 calories burnt. 

Calorie Deficit- 3260

Total water consumed- 5.85 Litres

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates regarding my journey!