Why You Are Not Seeing Results Even After Working Out So Hard

Isha Patil
Mar 15, 2020   •  102 views

Exercise is fundamental part of human life . It keeps our physical , emotional and even mental health healthy, but sometimes even after working out several hours a week we don't see desired results .

Here are five reasons why we do not see  results even after working out several hours a week . 

            1.skipping warm up

Warm-up is an essential part of the workout. By skipping it we not only are prone to injuries but our muscles also become less efficient for the workout.  

            2. Goal is very vague and unrealistic

Setting goal is an important part of the fitness regime, but setting unrealistic and vague goals hampers our exercise routine .

For example: if we expect to get six pack abs after doing crunches only then it's not possible 

           3.you are following the same schedule 

Our bodies are designed to adapt , by doing the same exercise routine again and again we no longer challenge our bodies for the workout . By adding a little variation in our workouts we get most of our workout. 

          4.taking no recovery days 

Taking regular recovery days improves performance ,prevents muscle fatigue and muscle injury and helps sleep better . 

         5. Releasing the mental weight we are                       carrying 

Our mental well being is just as  important as our physical well being . Stress , depression and many more conditions can prevent our growth in all aspects of life .

Thus by avoiding the above conditions and also enjoying the life we can get back in shape .





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